Dream of Sins

Dream of Sins

DREAM OF SINS is born in Castellón in 2016. After the disbandment of the power metal band TANTRICA from the same city, some of its members resolve to carry on with a new musical project and search for a renovated stable line-up, highly enthusiastic to give their all upon the stage.

Months later Ruben, former singer in the Valencian band HELDAR, joins the band providing a fresh and personal approach to its music and an astonishing performance. Shortly after, a well talented multi instrumentalist Alexis joins as bassist contributing with great presence and punch to the songs.

The sound of DREAM OF SINS moves between symphonic power metal mixed with progressive metal and melodic heavy metal, but the band does not put barriers on their music regarding classifications. 

They are now immersed in the making of their upcoming first studio album.


Dream of Sins – Tierra de Nadie

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