Drama Noir

Drama Noir

Drama Noir is a symphonic black/death metal band from Greece. The band was formed in 2017 by Paul Papathanasiou and with the help of various session members, they recorded their first single, “A Forgotten Warrior”. Almost immediately, the band released the first full length album, “Princess Airam”, which received very positive reviews by the press and was well accepted and loved by the people.

At the moment the band is in the process of preparing the second full length album and looking to book live shows.


The band’s lineup is:

Nyctelios – Vocals (Synteleia)
Paul Papathanasiou – Guitars (ex-Disharmony)
Thanos Nanopoulos – Bass
Nick Samios – Drums (Flames, Deviser, Gungnir, ex-W.E.B.)

Drama Noir – The Curse of Seth

Drama Noir – Saturn Unlock Avey’s Son (Rotting Christ cover)

Drama Noir links:
Band/Artist location – Corinth Greece
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