Second Life
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Nov. 04, 2022

DRAGONHAMMER are one of the pillars of the Italian MELODIC POWER METAL scene, a band that marks the history of this music from 20 years.

With the new album “Second Life” DRAGONHAMMER open a new chapter giving a turn to their music, that is now more powerful, more epic and technically as sublime as it was in the past.

It is the evolution of the band’s way of creating music, renewed in sound and formation. Among the new characteristics of this work, the addition of new vocal elements, more symphonic keyboards and more powerful guitars stand out.

“Second Life” stands for an album that opens up new visions for the future and wants to be the starting point of this new identity. So definitely you’ll get an explosive mix of Power and Epic Metal with great Symphonic parts!

“Second Life” sees the official studio debuts of Mattia Fagiolo on vocals, Marco Berrettoni on drums, and Alessandro Mancini on guitar.

“Second Life” is the first album without Max Aguzzi, one of the two historic founders of the band in 1999, who was also crucial for the artistic side of the band. Therefore, this album also represents a new way of making music for the band, which has found a way to regroup and continue on its path.

“Second Life” is an album that incorporates all the stylistic characteristics of DRAGONHAMMER but evolves them with a fresher sound and a more advanced songwriting. It is a Power Metal album that, compared to the past, has a strong symphonic character and new vocal styles. The production was entrusted to the Kick Recording Studio in Rome (Italy).

About the lyrics, “Second Life” tells a timeless story, where the thoughts and feelings of the men of yesterday flow to the present day. A story that, song by song, tells the evolution of a character from the past, delivering to the listener a set of experiences and considerations. The key message is the one of the band’s literally “Second Life”:

a moment in which they are granted a second chance and become aware of what is really important!


  1. Prelude To Conquest 01:29
  2. Kingdom Of The Ghosts 04:53
  3. Diamond Of Peace 04:49
  4. Into The Warrior’s Mind 06:55
  5. Shattering Hope 05:40
  6. Fallen Brother 04:39
  7. Sickness Divine 04:43
  8. The Rising 04:35
  9. Silver Feathers 06:04
  10. Second Life 06:35
  11. Ending Legacy 05:10

total: 55:32 min.


Mattia Fagiolo • Vocals
Flavio Cicconi • Guitars
Alessandro Mancini • Guitars, Orchestrations
Gae Amodio • Bass
Giulio Cattivera • Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Orchestrations, Choir Vocals
Marco Berrettoni • Drums

DRAGONHAMMER – Kingdom Of The Ghosts

DRAGONHAMMER – Sickness Divine

Band/Artist location – Rome Italy
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