Doors & Fours

Doors & Fours

Doors & Fours spawned as a “protest” against the plethora of extremely overproduced and computerized music coming out of the heavy music scene as of late. 

Doors & Fours was created by Adam Peach & René Thivierge while playing in PYTHON (a heavy metal band from Hamilton, ON), in an effort to create raw, catchy, hook-driven songs, 

Peach moved from the mundane suburbs of Brampton to the mean streets of Hamilton to live on Thivierge’s couch, with the clothes on his back and his guitar.

From there, they began writing what would become the first Doors & Fours demo, containing just 3 songs: “Fight Song”, “Pass The Time”, “Full Go”, with Joe Piccolo on drums.

A month later, D4 released their first EP, titled “Skid”, containing 5 brand new songs. “Skid” was recorded and produced in just 7 hours in July 2017 – just over 30 days after releasing their demo. Evan Greenaway (PYTHON) played drums on the EP.

Keeping true to the original idea of producing raw, catchy, rock music, D4 produced both the demo and the EP from the house Peach and Thivierge reside at, using basic recording gear and a laptop computer.
In a music scene riddled by computer-generated drums, “DI” guitars, and man-buns, the purpose of Doors & Fours is to bring back a raw, “no-fucks-given”, energetic form of rock music that seems to have slipped away.

Guitars/Vocals – Adam Peach
Bass – René Thivierge
Drums – Paige McAleney

‘Feeling Dead’ the featured single from the forthcoming album “Black Magik & Other Aphrodisiacs” (2019) can be viewed below…

Doors & Fours – Feeling Dead

Doors & Fours – Where Is My Mind

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