Dutch daredevils Dool will embark on a joint headline tour with German stalwards Secrets Of The Moon for 16 concerts throughout Europe in February and March 2021.

The band state, “After having to cancel our album release tour last April, we did not sulk in ‘what-could-have-been’. We made the best out of a bad situation, resulting now in a double-bill EU tour with our label buddies and friends, the illustrious Secrets Of The Moon. Honestly, this couldn’t have turned out any better and we can’t wait to share Summerland with you on stage. A deep bow to our booking agency D-19, all venues and parties involved in this tour for their hard work and no-bullshit attitude. This is the new wave. See you out there.”

Feb 17: Club From Hell, Erfurt (GER)

Feb 18: Cadillac, Oldenburg (GER)
Feb 19: Paradiso Noord, Amsterdam (NL)
Feb 20: Junkyard, Dortmund (GER)
Feb 21: Zappa, Antwerp (NL)
Feb 22: Mergener Hof, Trier (GER)
Feb 23: Backstage, Paris (F)
Feb 25: Occult Sessions, Madrid (ESP)
Feb 26: Le Rex, Toulouse (F)
Feb 27: Jas’Rod, Marseille (ESP)
Mar 01: Backstage, Munich (GER)
Mar 02: Viper Room, Vienna (AU)
Mar 03: Scala, Ludwigsburg (GER)
Mar 04: MS Connexion Complex, Mannheim (GER)
Mar 05: Hellraiser, Leipzig (GER)
Mar 06: Nuke Club, Berlin (GER)

Dool’s latest album ’Summerland’ is out now on Prophesy Productions. 

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Something’s stirring underneath the industrial fumes of Rotterdam. Amidst the rancid rats, malodorant traffic and greasy trays of manufactured meat, vast masses of unobtained, raw energy flows about freely. From the emptiness which arose from the omnipresence of materialism and technology, something new can manifest in it’s wake. Turning their backs to the metropole’s mass-identity and urban-individual, the unavoidable birth of Dool has taken place.

Dool wanders through dim streets, out of the city – into the wild. Carried by infinite, sometimes hypnotizing guitar parts, singer Ryanne van Dorst takes the listener from dark caves, inhabited by ancient ghosts (“Oweynagat”), to the deep abysses of a broken heart (“Death of Love”). At times sensual and teasing, like a child molester holding a bag of candy on a playground (“Words on Paper”), at other times imposing and ominous, in the sinister, 10 minute-long epic “Vantablack”.

The band, consisting of Micha Haring (The Devil’s Blood, The Hands) on drums, JB Van Der Wal (Herder, Aborted) on bass, Reinier Vermeulen (The New Media, Liar of Golgotha) on guitar and Nick Polak (Gold) on guitar, are aggressive as well as dynamic, alternating shreds of dark rock, gothic pop, as well as bits of psychedelic metal in an ever surprising manner. Audibly influenced by bands such as Sisters of Mercy and Sonic Youth, Dool bends their musical nurture to their own creation, searching for a true identity.

Dool – Wolf Moon

Dool – Sulphur & Starlight

Dool – Love Like Blood


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