Don’t Call Me Shirley

Don’t Call Me Shirley

Epic Alt Rock with Don’t Call Me Shirley

With one man at the helm of the new project Don’t Call Me Shirley, it’s pretty obvious the fresh new EP release “Tired / Ashes” shows a bright future for multi-instrumentalists and recording artists in years to come. The double single packs a slightly dark neo-pyschedelic alternative rock sound bringing old and new together to brandish something special. With both songs well through out and intricate, there is an honesty in the lyrics and a catchiness in the music that doesn’t let go. Waves of vocal melody and guitars flood the air and the songs quickly become addictive in all  the best ways. Here is what songwriter, instrumentalist, and recording artist Brett Evans has to say about his release. 

“It has definitely taken all the years I’ve been writing and recording to come up with these songs. I’m interested to see what I can do in the future as I get better at the instruments I play now.”

Don’t Call Me Shirley – Tired

Don’t Call Me Shirley – Ashes

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Band/Artist location – Philadelphia Pennsylvania