Division By Chasm

Division By Chasm

Division By Chasm

Division By Chasm – a passionate group currently implementing all types of renown genres to include: metal, hardcore, progressive, and instrumental music.

The band line up is extremely diverse when it comes to music in general, ultimately, molding their favorite styles together – creating a genuine sound. Their intent in doing so is to simply find a common ground with any and all music lovers. They don’t believe in constricting their ideas to blend in. They love music and will not let anything impede them from doing what they love.

Up to currently, from the group’s inception in May 2016, the band has maintained a four-person team who all equally contribute to the visual artwork layout, album concepts, song structure, instrumentation and recording processes.

The majority of the band resides in the southern region of Georgia (Guyton and Homerville) and one member dwelling in Orlando, Florida. In it’s essence, Division By Chasm is solely a project of passion for Metal amongst friends. Friends who all share the desire to express their musical ideas with enthusiasm and precision. With only one year on it’s slate, Division By Chasm has released one, four track, self titled EP and plans to release their first full-length album before the end of 2017. Additionally, enough material has been written to consider a second full-length album in the future.

As a unit, they have the full intention of ensuring the group’s longevity and, hopefully, a successful track record within the Metal community abroad. Furthermore, Division By Chasm is comprised of ex-members of the following bands: Casual Kill, Sixty Seconds Previous, Follow the Flock, Profiles In Courage, The Dirty Needles, Die Dan Die, and Impaled On Theory. The previously mentioned bands heavily influenced and guided the current direction for Division By Chasm and it’s members.

Division By Chasm is:

Cody Bell – Vocalist/Lyricist,

Jonny Stapleton – Lead Guitarist,

Wesley Clay – Bassist/Rhythm Guitarist,

Dusty Ray – Rhythm Guitarist/Percussionist/Manager/Producer.


Division By Chasm – Treacherous Autonomy

Division By Chasm – The Betrayer

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