Disillusive Play – Open Arms

Disillusive Play – Open Arms

DISILLUSIVE PLAY – “Open arms” (self-released, January 19, 2018)

  1. Alpha
  2. In the Blink of a Life
  3. Open Arms
  4. Watered Soil
  5. White Dove 
  6. Stealing You Away
  7. Final Decision Made
  8. Her Lonely Mind
  9. Emotionless
  10. Open Arms (Extended version)

“Open Arms” is the debut album of Disillusive Play. However, the band which comes from Greece, has many years of experience and are not newcomers. The key element for Disillusive Play sound is their charismatic female singer who is gifted with a  very distinctive and memorable voice. The lyrics of the album are beautifully dressed around Antigone’s voice; they refer to themes we all deal with in everyday life, but also to fantasy themes and then to sides of human emotions.

Disillusive Play music has many influences. In my opinion, the basic one is hard rock. Everything in the band seems to circle around hard rock and have a rock attitude. However, you will also find influences from alternative rock to progressive rock and modern metal in their music. All these genres and styles are very well balanced and create an own style for the band. The sound of Disillusive Play is very rich and challenging.

The band’s songwriting is catchy and every rock/hard rock fan will like it or at least will have a good time spinning their album. The riffs are always melodic and have a great sense of hidden harmony. The lead guitars are tasty and the rhythm section is very nice and steady.

My personal picks out of “Open Arms” would be “In the Blink of a Life” and “Her Lonely Mind”, songs for which the band created videos as well. In addition, I would definitely pick out “Watered Soil” and “Stealing You Away” for showing more their progressive rock influences a bit more. Nevertheless, I would recommend you to listen to the whole album.

Disillusive Play achieved a personal sound in their debut album “Open Arms”. This is a rather great achievement because the band chooses an own path instead of imitating their influences. A definitely must listen album and an album I had a very good time listening to and so will you!

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