Dil Williams

Artist: Dil Williams
Single: warm love
Release Date: 03.09.22
Label: independent

Says Dil, “I ‘ran away to sea’ when a teenager and took a guitar and a chord book and I suppose it was on the high seas in my little cabin where it began. On retiring froma38year career in the NHS mental health sector I was diagnosed with a chronic lung disease; it was suggested that singing would be good therapy. So here I am.”

When Speaking about Warm Love, Dil says ‘I was thinking about how love is so fundamental to the human psyche. If we were lucky we get warm love from our parents or caregivers. But sadly, some folk don’t experience this. It seems so important to us through our lives. I was in a city and saw so many homeless people and wondered about their life stories and who loved them?

So, I think the song is about those people disenfranchised with love, where ever they are and however they are affected by it. The song is a voice from them, asking why?

Dil Williams – Warm Love 3rd September 2022

Dil Williams – Interstella Boy

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