Dil Williams – Interstella

Dil Williams – Interstella

Artist: Dil Williams

Album: Interstella
Release Date: 07.05.22
Label: Self-released
Distribution: Bandcamp
SWND Records:

Dil Williams’ cover artwork for his debut Interstella EP evokes music rich in depthand breadth, bringing a mature, articulate voice to compel and intrigue.

Says Dil, “I ‘ran away to sea’ when a teenager and took a guitar and a chord book and I suppose it was on the high seas in my little cabin where it began. On retiring froma38year career in the NHS mental health sector I was diagnosed with a chronic lung disease; it was suggested that singing would be good therapy. So here I am.”

Working very closely with Paul Edwards on lead guitar and Garin Langon acoustic and vocal, Dil, Interstella song writer, vocalist and rhythm guitarist, developed his debut from simple seed ideas grown with the help of friends and family to become a new way to express himself. Setting his poems to music, his song writing has been influenced by numerous artists including Motown, the Stones, Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Talk Talk, Talking Heads, and John Martyn. There are featured performances on the EP from Roger Clatworthy, Mark Jones, Dave McCormack, Beth Ford, and Kristen Miller.

Interstella Review by Rev Rabbit (Revolution Rabbit Deluxe)

Patchouli Girl opens with Stones’ style Sympathy For the Devil percussion but evolves into its own entity. Confident musicianship abounds, the slide guitar reminds me of the underrated welsh guitarist Bryn Haworth. I am enjoying this track.

Lines – a glorious arpeggio opens this track – a definite Floyd atmosphere pervades the track, moving elegantly rather than plodding. The only quibble is that some of the lyrics feel squeezed in but it is still a brilliant track.

Interstella Boy has a military feel. Lots of snare work pushes the track forward. I admirethe use of space on this track. it is quite sublime. Again there is a Floyd influence but it does not detract at all. It complements Dil’s rather relaxed vocals.

Laburnum Way is an acoustic ballad with some lovely touches on the cello. Just glorious. A reflective song about lost childhoods. The mood is sombre but uplifting. My only complaint here is the vocals could be lifted up especially the backing.

Cobalt Blue – Dil says he started song writing through poetry and this song highlights his exquisite lyrics. It is poetry set to music. Basically, a slower acoustic ballad with fantastic string passages to keep it interesting. A reversed guitar solo is subtle and just right for this piece.

Collective Dialogue is a complete break from the moody and wonderful landscapes painted so far. Brash and in your face. A welcome change of pace to close the EP with. And then we hit a change in the song. We are back in Floyd territory and it is awesome. The vista opens up before us with distant guitar leads and Dil’s vocals wrapping up the package nicely. I was, in honesty, dreading a seven-minute track but this song meanders through some changes that makes the time fly. It fades leaving you wanting more.

Dil Williams released this EP late in life, after a forty year career in the NHS. Wish he had released work sooner. If this excellent EP is an example of what Dil has in store for us, I want more… NOW! Fans of Floyd and great musicianship will lap this up. Congrats to Rich Williams, Paul Edwards, Garin Lang, Roger Clatworthy, Mark Jones, Dave McCormack, Beth Ford, and Kristen Miller for their input into this magnificent piece

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