Dieuponaday begun as a recording project between Byron Matthews and Wade Tetz in May of 2011. Over the course of a few years Byron wrote and recorded the guitars on his own for it was something he had always wanted to accomplish! Byron then sought out for a vocalist to finish off his record and found Wade Tetz who over the course of a year wrote and recorded the vocals for this album. Over recording, writing and getting to know one another they decided it would be great to play these songs live. They realized they had something unique to offer and decided to put a band together to start moving there music out into the world.

Over the course of 2012 they interviewed many musicians and had some practises to find the right fitting members. Dieuponaday finally hit the stage for the first time February 9 2013 opening for Edmonton band Built on Despondency. With success from there first show it has led them to a nomination for the best Metal Recording in the Edmonton Music Awards, as well as a faithful fan base within the first year of performing. Adding the right dynamic of skillful musicians and friends Dieuponaday has become a driving force in their local market and looking to keep spreading the fan base.

Upon starting to play live Dieuponaday has headlined half of there shows played to date as well as lead them to open up for acts such as Being as an Ocean, Liferuiner, The Motorleagues and The Repartee to name a few. Dieuponaday has released their first music video recently and have a few huge shows set for the year of 2017. Hit like on their facebook page and watch this band grow!

Dieuponaday – Morality

Dieuponaday – Epiphany

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