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Die So Fluid

New single ‘Walk With Me’ released today.

We at Die So Fluid towers are happy to announce the release of our latest and greatest meisterwerk. This song has been so carefully and meticulously constructed by our master craftspeople – Justin, Grog and Drew that it has taken a whole six months to produce six minutes of material. Within that six minutes you will be transported to the bottom of the ocean and then propelled into space by the breath of a subterranean volcano.

As Voltaire once wrote in an essay to Frederick the Great of Prussia 
‘This poetry lark is pretty dope but to see God’s true face one must rock.
And rock hard’

Hello fellow shut-ins and newly anointed anti-socialites. I hope this missive finds you all well. I want to announce the release of a new song to those of you who are not subscribed to our YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Weirdly if the band members did live in the same country we’d still have to produce our music in separate locations anyway right now. But as it turns out this has been our ‘new normal’ for a while. Justin just managed to get his drums recorded and the track mixed before he went into severe lock down where he lives in Italy. Grog had an intense journey home from her Yoga training in India as the US borders started closing. And I had to make it back from the pub before my dinner burnt on the stove. Stress! 

The track is released exclusively on Bandcamp the fairest and most equitable platform – for both artist and the discerning music lover.

Die So Fluid first surfaced in 2001, touring the country in the wake of their debut e.p. ‘Operation hypocrite’, released on Sanctuary. They released a further single, ‘suck me dry’ with Sanctuary before forming their own label, Cartesian, and releasing their third single ‘Disconnected’. In 2004 Cartesian released the band’s debut album, ’Spawn of Dysfunction’ in the UK. The album was universally well received and is still selling through the major chains of the UK and itunes worldwide. Promotion of ’Spawn of Dysfunction’ almost solely relied on the band touring the UK which they did tirelessly, turning up for over 300 shows between 2003 and 2006. Apart from pursuing a campaign of playing their own shows off the beaten track Die So Fluid supported bands like Drowning Pool, Vex Red, Clawfinger, Boy Hits Car, Feeder, Girlschool, Antiproduct and The Wildhearts. Further promotion of the album came from a single release of the title track licensed to Retinue records which was supported with a video featuring the babes and the fighters of a metal wrestling event.

Recording for ‘Not everybody gets a happy ending’ started in 2005 with the album’s opening track ‘Gang of one’. The finished recording was so good it actually caused a crisis within the band as they mutually agreed the song was the pinnacle of what they had been trying to achieve musically on ’Spawn of Dysfunction’. But in the end it was this realization that freed them to explore a wider range of influences and styles. So songs like ‘Existential Baby’ and ‘Test Confessional’ draw on Al’s ska background and ‘Throw you away’ features an Egyptian string arrangement thanks to one of Drew’s colleagues in, Gypsy troupe, The Death Orchestra. The finished record is the product of multiple sessions scattered over a two year period. This ungainly recording schedule was adopted because the record was being financed by royalties from ‘spawn’ – as they trickled in. For ‘Not everybody gets a happy ending’ Mark Williams was back in the producer’s chair at his new premises in the legendary Battery studios building in north west London The title track was partly fueled by the long drawn out recording process and, at the time, no prospect of a release. That changed in 2007 when the band found a new backer in Finland and finally ‘Not everybody gets a happy ending’ was made flesh. First single ‘Happy Halloween’ was released worldwide on iTunes on November 2nd 2007 and coincided with a Halloween festival appearance in Helsinki and Die So Fluid’s portrait by Paul Harries appearing on Finnish postal stamps. The esteemed rock photographer, and long time associate of the band, also directed the video for second single ‘Existential baby’. ‘Not everybody gets a happy ending’ was released in the UK in February 2008 to a great response and immediately entered the retail sales charts. The band then diligently followed the cascade of international releases – touring Finland, the USA (twice), Germany and the rest of Europe, appearing in nearly 20 different countries in 2009. As well as headlining festivals in Portugal, Germany and Switzerland Die So Fluid supported Eisbrecher, Mindless Self Indulgence, My Ruin, Ill Nino, Maj Karma, and Prong.

Die So Fluid – Walk With Me

Die So Fluid – Do You Dare

Die So Fluid – No More Stars

Die So Fluid – Tomorrow Doesn’t Always Come

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