Roots of Dialekt reaches as far as end of 2013. With lots of line up changes over the years that would take couple of paragraphs to describe, band started to shape up and thrive at the end of 2016, when Dom Kuzniar joined Mat, Mariusz and Aaron as a drummer. Short after, Aaron -long time member of the band has decided to left the band pursuing his other ventures, and has been replaced by Matt Haynes on vocals. After recording two well received singles in early 2018 along with music videos and played several gigs, we had to split ways with Dom, our drummer due to personal changes. We all love you man, don’t stop making noise!
After short break and intense period of auditions we have picked up the pace with Mr Jamie Beaumont as our new drummer. We have released our latest single in the mid 2019 and looking forward to continue our music journey stronger than ever.
Stylistically inspired by 90’s and early 2000’s nu-metal, we are a band focused on creating energetic and hard hitting music. Melodic hooks are combined with powerful vocals to deliver meaningful lyrics, while the coupling of dynamic guitar riffs and heavy drumming creates a solid backbone for our songs.

We are looking for gig dates, and preparing to release our first professional single, as well as looking for experienced electronic/keyboard player to add final spice to upcoming material.

Please get in touch and see you on stage!

Matt Haynes – Vocal
Mariano – Guitar
Mat Augustyniak – Bass
Jamie Beaumont – Drums

Dialekt – The Demons I Hide

Dialekt – Underwater

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