Devil’Spoon emerges in Castellon (Spain) in August 2.015 from the ashes of an unsuccessful experience, after David T. and Agus decide to start over in a new direction. There are followed by Enrique, guitarrist and former member of the previous project. All of them define the new sound to follow, powerful, deep and modern. Hard Rock with stoner touch, robust rhythmic base and  classic voice melodies.

In november, Jose joins the band as guitarist. Then, in early 2.016, Fatima Giron appears on the scene and provides a different touch to the voices, close to the definitive direction. Unfortunately, she has to return to her hometown due to working and personal matters after only three month in Devil-Spoon.

After such a problem, the band decides to record some of its stuff in order to search for a new singer. For that purpose, Enrique contacts his friend David Collado (Histrión), who accepts to leave his mark on the songs in process. After several trials in their rehearsal room, David imprints his personal stamp. The result is the first EP of Devil’Spoon, entitled as the band-s name and which includes five songs, all of them recorded, mixed and mastered between July and October in Rocketes Studio (Castellon/Spain), property of Alberto Sales (Templario).

The major part of the voices are recorded between July and August. However, when recording ‘Hard to Be Yoursefl’ in October, David Collado decides to join the band as a current member and to prepare the shows.

After performing serveral concerts, in July 2.017, they enter the Studio to record four new songs, Soul in Liberty’, ‘Black is White’, Fury Road’ and ‘Black Leather Pants’. The second EP will be called ‘Evil Things’ and recorded again in Rocketes between July and August of this year.

In October, due to professional issues, David Collado leaves the band.

That same month, Erik ‘Hurricane’ Peña join the band (ex-Atila and lyric singer).

The band stars a new stage.


Devil’Spoon – Black Leather Pants

Devil’Spoon – Black is White

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