With a punky youthful energy, Devils Teeth throw all the rules out the window (including grammatical ones), taking surf rock to places you’d never expect and yet wholly welcome by the end of their début Suki Yaki Hot! “We’re gonna kick it oldschool,” Jon Hanusa throws out in the opening track ‘Diamond Rio’, but this record spans many eras.

Punk rock has a certain defined style, impossible not to dance to while drenched in reverb and a garage vibe. However, if you think Suki Yaki Hot! is a one-trick pony, the band are quick to prove you wrong across any number of the ten tracks here. For instance, “Death Is Nimble” dips into the disembodied spirit of post-punk, and “Understanding the Hands of a Killer” swings in with a swaggering saxophone, while “Dirty Tricks” draws quarter from Sergio Leone-style Spaghetti Western elements.

Their influences outside of the turntable are also nothing if not eclectic – ‘Diamond Rio’ takes its inspiration from a green tank top in a thrift store, emblazoned with the name of the titular Christian country band. ‘Sakuraba’, meanwhile, takes after the Japanese MMA fighter and wrestler known for taking and receiving heavy beatings in his matches. “Party Shark Shake” draws from the same source as the band’s name – a book about sharks by Susan Casey. And ‘The Junction Street Eight Tigers’? Of course that was Bruce Lee’s gang when he was twelve years old in Catholic school, what else?

Prepare to welcome summer with a tidal wave of reverb, riffs and raunch. Suki Yaki Hot! is a perfect half hour not only for sunny summer days, but raucous summer nights as well. The album will be released on August 24 2018.
 In 2016, like a thousand bored, out-of-shape dudes before them, 3 Milwaukee friends started a band. Dropping punctuation “just because”, Devils Teeth came together as a lean but efficient three-piece, with Jon Hanusa on vocals and guitar, Eric Arsnow on vocals and bass, and Chuck Engel on drums.

By October 2016, the band found themselves sharing the stage with a variety of acts, from Dick Dale and The Blind Shake to Local H, The Toxenes and Left Lane Cruiser. After releasing some lo-fi rehearsal tracks, the band set to work on their debut in the summer of 2017, aiming to be more than a traditional garage rock throwback. Channeling inspiration from Brucesploitation and Herschall Gordon Lewis films as well as surf and psychedelic sounds from decades past.
 The band holed up in Arsnow’s sweaty basement to self-record and produce the album. Months later, the band surfaced with ten songs that blend the reverb-drenched energy of surf rock with the dissonance of post-punk and the theatrics of Spaghetti Western soundtracks. Due out on late-summer 2018, Suki Yaki Hot! is one of the most impressive debuts to come out of Milwaukee in recent memory.
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Band location – Milwaukee Wisconsin

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