MathCore/Prog Metal band DESOURCE New Ep “Ambition” Out Now

After the release of the debut album “Dirty Happiness” (2013) which gained rave reviews and positive feedback by Prog Metal fans, with the band has had the chance to share the stage with acts such as ARCHITECTS, NORTHLANE, COMEBACK KID, PROTEST THE HERO, MONUMENTS, Desource produced “Ambition”, a 5 tracks EP features world renown drummer Mike Malyan (MONUMENTS, DISPERSE, THE ALGORITHM) who has taken care of all the drums for the Album.

Guitarist Edoardo Casini comments about the new album
“Ambition”, as the title explains is a very ambitious record: it’s way more technical, progressive and dense than “Dirty Happiness”. It’s really a step forward in every direction: musically, lyrically. There are so many genres combined in the songs such as Mathcore, Djent, Progressive Metal, Metalcore, Rock, Grind”.

“Ambition” released September 4th, 2020 via Rockshots Records.

Music by Desource

Drums recorded by Edoardo Casini, Enrico Giovagnola @ La Catedral, January 2015
Guitars, Bass recorded by Larsen Premoli @ REC LAB, March 2017
Mixing and Mastering by Larsen Premoli, Summer 2018
Drums by Mike Malyan
Guitars by Edoardo Casini, Giacomo Bracci
Bass by Flavio Marun Cardozo
Videoclip by Alvaro Raul Diamanti

1 – Musically the band means so many things. Mainly a way to express ourselves in the best way as possible which is through music.
2 – The name “DESOURCE” means that everything comes from the “source”, and returns to it; the source is God.
3 – we formed to fight the boredom and mediocrity of our hometown.
4 – the idea of the band came out listening to bands such as Killswitch Engage, Poison the Well, Darkest Hour, As I Lay Dying. We wanted to emulate our idols.
5 – Dense, Aggressive, Poetic, Technical, Melodic
6 – “Ambition EP”, as the title explains is a very ambitious record: it’s way more technical, progressive and dense than “Dirty Happiness”. It’s really a step forward in every direction: musically, lyrically. There are so many genres combined in the songs such as Mathcore, Djent, Progressive Metal, Metalcore, Rock, Grind… etc. I think fans will either hate or love this new direction.
7 – we want to make people “think” while enjoing the music
8 – we set our goals musically speaking before writing even the first riff. then we jam a lot, compose a bunch of ideas and collect them together in single songs
9 – We wrote 5 songs for this album, most of them were already compiled while others have been written from scratch.
10 – We are basically a metal band with a “punk” heart. we want the audience to embrace the live performance as if they were playing themselves the songs. Lyrics come from our readings, our life experiences… basically everything. We are inspired by other bands such as Periphery, Killswitch Engage, Dream Theater, SiKth, too many too count.
11 – No, Edoardo and Jack are the main songwriters. Of course we collaborate while we are writing, but we have two main songwriters and lyric writers (Edoardo and Jack).
12 – They affect themselves in both ways. Lyrics are affected by the heaviness or smoothness of the sound, and viceversa.
13 – We started as a proper Metalcore band with progressive metal elements. now we are a 100% Progressive Metal band, with many other genres combined (Metalcore, Djent, Grind, Mathcore, Hardcore…). We became more technical, aggressive, polished and calculated than the “Dirty Happiness” era.
14 – Killswitch Engage, Misery Signals, Periphery, Meshuggah, Dream Theater. We are influenced by every kind of Metal subgenre. Progressive Metal (Mathcore, Djent… etc.) especially is what we listen to the most.
15 – The meaning behind “Ambition” is very simple ironically: strive to become the best in every aspect of your life, against all odds. The songs speak about the strenght occured to face life issues and to overcome obstacles.
16 – “Ambition” is a 100% progressive metal outfit: it’s heavy as f***, aggressive, complex, technical, melodic and of course, ambitious simultaneously. “Looks Like Disaster” is the most straight forward song of the lotto: it’s melodic, gentle and diverse in terms of rhythm and pace. It implements elements of funky music as well so as straight forward rock. “The Diary” is the most fucked up song instead: It’s grindy, fast, heavy, technical and aggressive. It embodies the more raw energies of the band. “Fragile Beliefs” it’s the very first song written for Desource back in 2007, revamped and renewed for “Ambition”. It’s fast, shreddy and very melodic. “Sheepdogs” it’s the most technical song of the Album. Odd time signatures, crazy harmonies and structures all live together in a fast, steady and heavy tune. “(S)Innocence” is the epic 9 minutes finale of the album. It has been inspired by the great Prog Metal instrumental ballads such as “A Change of Seasons” by Dream Theater.

Desource – Sheepdogs

Desource – (S)Innocence (Guitar Playthrough)

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