Desert Near The End – Of Fire And Stars

Desert Near The End – Of Fire And Stars

DESERT NEAR THE END – “Of Fire And Stars” (Total Metal Records, 22 March 2019)

  1. A World Beyond
  2. The Call Of The Stars
  3. Light Long Dead
  4. Across The Desert
  5. Earth And Water
  6. The Highest Hill
  7. Throne Of Martyrdom
  8. The Final Frontier
  9. Of Fire And Stars

It’s a common truth that in our times there is a lot of music production coming out every day. As almost everything is life this has its pros and cons. One of the negative aspects of it, is that even if someone is listening to tons of music every day, there will be still great bands that will escape their attention. In my case, Desert Near the End is one of them.

The Greeks are already in their 4th full length album! They have released a trilogy of records and “Of Fire and Stars” is their 4th attempt. Desert Near the End were formed in 2010, but they have been around in the underground for more than 2 decades under different monikers.

Judging by the cover artwork, and being justified by their lyrical approach, the band circles around themes like the Universal Truth, Higher Mysteries of the Unknown Cosmos and Human Destiny, all of which I find very interesting, philosophical and mind intriguing, or to be precise I find them far more mature and interesting than a “sex and beer” lyrical theme approach.

Their style is a weird but perfectly balanced and executed mixture of thrash and power metal. Desert Near the End call their style power/thrash metal and I won’t disagree. The riffs have thrash attack and are mostly pounding and huge while the vocals although thrashy still have a classic power metal expression. The rhythm section is thick and there has been a very nice work done in terms of production in order to support the band’s material in the best possible way.

My favorite song of the album is for sure “Throne of Martyrdom”. But I think you should listen to the album as a whole and experience what Desert Near the End have to offer.

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