Derayernah are a two-piece art rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. The act was formed in 2017, and consists of Drue Marsland (guitars, vocals, production, drums) & Jhau Watema (vocals, percussion, lyrics, composition). The duo’s music is a melange of textured organic sounds and conceptual lyrics. The band cite the Mothers of Invention, the Kinks, Radiohead, Blur & Porcupine Tree among their influences. They prominently infuse elements from the 1920’s Swiss Dada art movement into their craft. From the band’s slogan “Unveil the Arm” to their surrealist lyrical concepts with multiple timelines, the band revels in flirting with the irrational. Other non-musical influences include rambling monologist Brother Theodore and legendary shaggy-dog /satirical comedian Norm MacDonald.

 The band classify their music as art rock primarily. They incorporate elements of progressive rock in their sound inclusive of instrumental passages, and components of math rock like tempo fluctuations and occasional time signature shifts. Borrowing significantly from Gregorian music, the duo additionally infuse monkesque chants on their tracks. Their music is sequenced into themes—both instrumentally and in terms of wordplay—driven by recurring characters with established traits. The duo released their debut album in September, 2019.

Derayernah – Broken The Jinx

Derayernah – You Will Hear About It Now

Derayernah – In Joys

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