Demons of Old Metal

Demons of Old Metal

Demons of Old Metal

We’re all going to go to hell and Demons of Old Metal are going to make absolutely sure of it! Sent up to the surface by the big red guy with horns and a tail, these five demons are using their infectious brand of hook-laden metal to win back the souls of those that have turned their back on sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.

Demons of Old Metal was formed at the tail end of 2010 by four veterans of the UK metal circuit with the sole intention of getting back to playing what got them into music in the first place – classic metal songs. It quickly became clear that their high level of musicianship, coupled with a schlock horror image and stage show could easily translate into their own material and the writing process started in the early summer of 2012. On Halloween 2012 the band self-released their debut mini-album, ‘The Demonic Chronicles Vol. I’ and the response from fans and media alike was overwhelmingly positive. Terrorizer Magazine described Vol. I as ‘old school metal the way it was meant to be played’ and featured opening track ‘Unleash the Demons’ on their Fear Candy cover CD.

2013 saw the release of ‘The Demonic Chronicles Vol. II’ which produced live favourites such as ‘Murdercycle’ and ‘Dead or Alive.’ Firebrand magazine described Vol. II as ‘angry, aggressive and it will tear you a new one.’ Terrorizer magazine again asked the band to be on their Fear Candy CD with the track ‘Chaos is My Name.’

Last, but not least, 2014 saw the release of ‘The Demonic Chronicles Vol. III’ which completed the trilogy. Powerplay magazine described the CD as ‘riffy and heavy with the production working a treat’ and, making it 3 out of 3, Terrorizer again asked the band to be on their cover CD with the track ‘Battlecry.’ With 2014 seeing a big increase in the band’s profile, a further boost came when German metal magazine ‘Legacy’ featured reviews of the entire Demonic Chronicles Trilogy, PLUS an interview PLUS a track on their cover CD!

With ‘The Chronicles’ completed, the band set about covering as much of the UK as possible on the road, covering thousands of miles and including an appearance with Evil Scarecrow, a set at Beermageddon and their first show outside the UK in Eire. In the background, the Demons were writing and recording their first full-length album, ‘Dominion.’ In all, 25 songs were started with just 10 making the final cut and becoming part of the final album.

So, 20 months after the release of ‘Chronicles III,’ ‘Dominion’ was finally unleashed on the world on December 7th 2015, with glowing pre-release reviews from all over Europe. The offical first single, ‘The Quiet Ones’ was featured on Kerrang! Radio, which was a first for the band and was a benchmark of how far they had come since penning their first riff back in 2012.

Demons of Old Metal draw upon years of experience and a multitude of influences to produce their own unique sound. From the rumbling perfection of the rhythm section to the addictive riffs, searing solos and vocals that go from guttural growls to banshee screams, this is a band that can hold its own with the very biggest out there.

With the band picking up momentum like a freight train, it’s time to get on board because the Demon Express won’t be stopping for anybody!

Vocal / Guitar Demon (VGD) – Tombstone Cowboy
Bass Demon (BD) – Babyface Stephens
Rhythm Guitar Demon (RGD) – Psycho Wing
Drum Demon (DD) – Dr Doom
Tech Demon (TD) – Digital Death


Demons of Old Metal – Fakeskin

Demons of Old Metal – Get Outta Dodge

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