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Demon Shinegami released new single

Russian Symphonic Black/Folk Metal band Demon Shinegami released their new single «The Battle for Tomorrow Begins Today» which is basically the modern version of the musical theme from the video game “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”. Original tracks were composed by Geoff Follin. The release was recorded, mixed and mastered by the band at “Shinegami Records”.

Demon Shinegami is a one-man-band project founded in 2006 by a Russian self-taught musician. Inspired by famous symphonic black metal bands such as Dimmu Borgir as well as their lesser known fellows like Sinful (from Moscow) he initially planned to create his own mixture of black metal and symphonic/orchestra elements.

After playing guitar in a local pagan metal band for three years Demon Shinegami had gained some experience and recorded his first raw demo in 2010 – “An Ode to Hatred”. And a year later the second demo with the name “Radix Malorum” was finished. Unlike the first one it contained much more keyboards and melodic parts becoming closer to the original concept.

In 2012 the project has released its debut EP – “The Curse of the Wind Element” which included two long songs and had more of a DSBM vibe. It was a slow paced melancholic music filled with atmosphere of agony and hopelessness.

After that some experiments with other genres have followed in order to find a new sound for the project. As a result a full-length album “Der Todesengel” was published in 2013. This time there were five black/death metal songs mixed with industrial and folk music elements.

In the period from 2014 to 2020 Demon Shinegami had been releasing primarily metal cover versions of various retro-games’ soundtracks which were afterwards organized into three full-length cover albums and one cover EP.

Finally, in October 2021, a brand new original album called “Returning to Nihil” was published. It was in development for 15 years and includes 12 tracks with lyrics written in five languages and based on the philosophy of buddhism/zen teachings. The latest release also combines even more different genres – from black metal to electronic music (featuring a session female vocalist).

Overall “Returning to Nihil” is the sum of everything Demon Shinegami has learned, experienced and strived for since the foundation of his project – since the year 2006. It is the peak of his evolution as a musician and a lifelong dream that has finally come true.

Demon Shinegami – The Battle For Tomorrow Begins Today

Demon Shinegami – A Dream Within A Dream

Demon Shinegami – After The Enlightenment

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