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Deja Who

The Melodic Rock of Deja Who

With plenty of Alternative and Hard Rock bands out there, it gets a little messy. But sometimes you do come across something that gives you the right feeling. Deja Who is a prime example of a band like that. The “This Far Along” single focuses on melody and raw power along with a unique time signature to keep the flow going. And it all works. The song reaches into that bag of classic rock tricks and pulls out something that seems fresh but also feels familiar. Tons of hooks and explosions into sonic waves of sound and energy, this one is surely one for the books. With a full length LP in the works, “This Far Along” shows some great talent and songwriting all around. It’s not hard to hear a lot of time and love went into this song and that is what you can only hope for with a great track of any genre. Let’s see what Deja Who has to offer in the near future. Hopefully, more songs  like this one. Here is what songwriter Adam Shankweiler has to say about the release:

“‘This Far Along’ is about getting through obstacles throughout life, dealing with failure and overcoming mental health issues, like depression, for example. It’s meant to be an uplifting and motivating song even if the topics and depth of meaning can be challenging to listeners. To understand the song, I should explain that it connects to the album cover. The album cover is a fictional cartoon representation of God. During my life I’ve encountered many obstacles or failures or grieve from loss. Sometimes one thing or many things can make people lose control of their emotions. The cover shows an angry portrayal of “God” and the universe inside of “God’s” mouth, which represents the universe making up “God’s” body. I’m just someone who loves making music, thinking critically, being creative, and trying to make someone’s day better.”

Deja Who – This Far Along

Deja Who – Growing Mad

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