Deep Sea Gypsies

Deep Sea Gypsies

Deep Sea Gypsies

Born in a modern era with vintage dreams, the Deep Sea Gypsies offer a sound that is all their own. Playing an original, innovative combination of 60’s psych blues rock and 70’s southern rock mixed with elements of hip hop and soul. With influences the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Rory Gallagher, Muddy Waters, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, some might say they have souls much older than their age would suggest.
Coming together in Victoria, British Columbia’s, Westshore area in 2010, DSG has firm roots on Vancouver Island. They released a number of DIY demo tracks before heading into Victoria’s Baker Studio to record their debut EP “Peatt Rd” in 2013. The boys have now built a studio to call their own and are making use of it to record their second EP “Cedar Hill X Rd”. Being released track by track, its first three songs are out now on the bands SoundCloud page. This (in progress) second EP has already gained a lot of momentum for the band with its first single “Rock & Roll Queen” awarding them a bid as the Zone @ 91.3’s Band of the Month for March 2015. The third track, and most recent offering from Cedar Hill X Rd entitled, “Woke Up With The Blues” features guitar work from fellow westshore blues rocker Jesse Roper.

Over the past 4 years, DSG has brought their energetic stage performance to all parts of western Canada, enjoying multiple festival appearances and two tours through western Canada. Loke Webb and Johnny Regimbal, the band’s song writers, vocalists and guitarists, bring their messages of life and love to the forefront. With hip-hop stylings and smooth, bluesy harmony’s over shredding riffs and incredible solos, they bring a unique combination to the stage. Greg Moore drives a solid back end on the drums with classic, John Bonham-like roll’s, while bassist, Marty Boggs, fills in the groove with his fast paced licks and energetic stage presence.

Having made great local connections and a solid impact on their community, the Deep Sea Gypsies are taking steps to advance their dreams and turn their musical talents into a career. Their passion to constantly improve, and their DIY attitude, is sure to continue propelling the band on to bigger and better things.
Loke Webb – Vocals, Guitar *
Johnny Regimbal – Vocals, Guitar *
Greg Moore – Drum’s *
Marty Boggs – Bass Guitar *

Deep Sea Gypsies – Rocky Mountain Line

Deep Sea Gypsies – Breaking Me Down

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