Deathroll – Immorality

Deathroll – Immorality

DEATHROLL – album “Immorality” (6 August 2022, STF Records)

  1. Don’t Understand the Principle of the Thing
  2. Collapse Ethis
  3. Melting Happiness
  4. Hell on Earth
  5. Desolate
  6. Obscenity Named Brainwashing
  7. Journey to the Underworld
  8. Healing Called the Death

Eerie and sharp, the sound of “Immorality” is founded in the traditional Scandinavian sound. While in general is a sharp sounding, fast paced black album, the Deathroll adds to the sound groovier riffs that seem to be inspired by the American death metal scene and remind of bands like the Morbid Angel.  In the song “Desolate”, Deathroll adds some post-black metal elements and a few hints of melody, creating a contrast that though unexpected, fits perfectly and adds a bit of musical color to the record. The speed and thrash metal influences play a key role in the sound shaping by providing extra aggression and bursts of speed, making the “Immorality” even more chaotic and raw.

The “Immorality” is a crushing black metal record, with sharp and abysmal sound. It is complete and solid black metal album, dark, heavy and aggressive, with a fresh and very interesting sound that mixes the raw black metal aesthetic with a clean production, resulting in a challenging combination. With the addition of the gnarling and wretched vocals, the “Immorality” offers a soul crushing black metal experience that must not be missed by any black metal fans.

So, if you are into black metal and looking for an interesting and fresh sounding work, abysmal and in a complimentary way disgusting and harsh, then the Deathroll’s newest album is just the one you are looking for. Deathroll is a Japanese solo black metal project, singer, songwriter, musician, and black metal band. Born in Iwaki, Fukushima, Deathroll started his career in 2012 as solo black metal project and recently released his newest work, “Immorality”.

Review by Mr Athens 79

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