L.A. based sludge trio DEATHKINGS have teamed up with Decibel Magazine to stream their new EP Ex Nihilo. The EP is set to be on December 7th.

The band commented “We are incredibly humbled to present our two newest musical offerings! We hope listeners can enjoy the love and anger that we put into Ex Nihilo and know that this is but a harbinger of what is to come!”

Formed in 2011, Deathkings are stalwarts of the gritty Los Angeles heavy music scene. Though they may call it the City of Angels, these cosmic sludge masters are unveiling their own miserable brand of heavy unreality. With a diverse array of musical and artistic backgrounds uniting the band, Deathkings find greater clarity with each successive release. As they grow as musicians, Deathkings have come to embrace deeply personal lyrics influenced by ancient rituals and their own spirituality. Across each record the songs interlock into a greater narrative forming a vast lyrical universe of metaphors and symbolism. Though their stories may seem like fantasies, they are based in the horrors of the day to day.

The bands distinct take on heavy music earned them countless accolades early in their groups career, including a sold out show with Black Cobra and Yob, as well as performances at Southwest Terror Fest and Psycho California. However in 2014, the bands frontman, Nicholas Rocha battled incredibly serious health issues and found himself completely blind. Though it has been a long road, Rocha and the band have been able to make it work, with the dominant frontman participating in every aspect of the band from writing and recording to performing and managing. This is the sort of hopeful redemption that only the most potent of sounds can provide.

Always willing to expand their sound and approach, most recently with a series of acoustic shows they’ve performed with the likes of Xasthur, Johanna Warren and Helen Money, Deathkings are excited for the future. With their self-run label, Totenhaus Recordings running stronger than ever, this sonic behemoth is hurtling towards bold new heights. Having recently stripped down to a trio rather than their previous iteration as a four piece, the band is lean and ready to rumble. Inspired, driven, and constantly searching for the next perfect riff, Deathkings are the southern Californian sludge heroes of their age.

Deathkings is:

Guitars: Daryl Hernandez
Drums: Sam Sherwood
Bass/vocals: Nicolas Rocha

Deathkings – Serpents Of The Earth

Deathkings – Snowblind

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Band location – Los Angeles California

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