Deathcraeft – On Human Devolution

Deathcraeft – On Human Devolution

Deathcraeft “On Human Devolution”…(27th July 2020 , self-release)

  1. The Ritual
  2. Beginning of the End
  3. Spreading Lies
  4. Welcome to Oblivion
  5. Survival
  6. Daydreaming in the Abyss
  7. Paving the Way
  8. Free Into the Void

Deathcraeft from Ioannina, Greece surprised me pleasantly with “On Human Devolution”. They play extreme metal with symphonic parts. Based on the 90’s death metal and old German thrash, they add black metal and symphonic parts. The songwriting shows a personal style which guarantees to amaze you. The mainman Costas Kalampokas has a background of music studies in Berklee Music College. Nevertheless, his outstanding songwriting comes from personal views and experiences. Taking the most out of H.P.Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos, Deathcraeft transfer it to the present reality of modern society. Despite being technical, Deathcraeft never forget their songwriting. Their songs are well structured and memorable, but above everything they put you in the band’s concept.

The album begins with “The Ritual” and “Beginning of the End”. These two songs are somewhat unified and appear as one. The dark and obscure intro rapidly breaks with an ultra heavy crawling riff. Progressively the song gets technical in an old school death metal sense. The thrash guitar licks are just perfect for leading the song to a grandiose death/thrash metal progress. In the second part (“Beginning of the End”), Deathcraeft make use of blast beats reaching out to black metal standards. However, the whispering vocals enhance the band’s mystical approach to their material.

“Spreading Lies” is the first single out of the album. After an epic score intro, the rhythm section does an amazing job and the riffs refer directly to early Morbid Angel. The backing synths are doing an amazing job. Some riffs show the band’s German thrash influences, and “Spreading Lies” remains a fantastic song with epic dimensions and a perfect headbanger!

“Welcome to Oblivion” shows the band’s symphonic mood for one more time. Deathcraeft move with ease between tempos and rhythmical patterns. The thrash expression of the vocals unleashes the holocaust for a fantastic double bass chorus and a killer lead.

“Survival” presents the mid tempo face of the band. The mid tempo groove makes the song sound more obscure, but without lacking in technique it is still a great death metal song. The bass here does a really nice job in unifying the different song parts. The lead reminded me of a James Murphy meets Eddie Van Halen version. Pure gold!

“Daydreaming In The Abyss” begins with a great melodic line. It has to be said that Deathcraeft are always very harmonious throughout the album. The mid tempo riff is influenced by the slower/most atmospheric moments of Slayer. The bass supports the song greatly and has a big percussive role. The vocals are deep and meaningful staying away from meaningless growls. Overall the song has a great structure.

“Paving the Way” has a very weird rhythical approach. At times it sounds almost atonal, but it’s not! Deathcraeft enjoy balancing on the edge and they do it in the most interesting way! The song is a progressive death/thrash monument! It is one of those songs you feel lucky to listen as an underground fan.

The album ends with “Free into the Void”. An almost 8 minute tribute to the unholiness and true blackness of extreme metal. Through countless waves they pass until Deathcraeft reach their shore. They narrate the story of their journey in a symphonic/extreme metal monumental track that I’m sure Dimmu Borgir fans would dig. The album closes with an acoustic theme. The circle closes. The concept closes. For this time. I sure await for their next attack.

Considering that this is only their first attempt, I believe that Deathcraeft have a great potential and can achieve big things in the extreme metal scene. This time they DIY’d their album, but it would be no surprise to see them in the roster of a big label for the next one. For the time being, please don’t allow yourself to miss this one! It’s an ace and one of the greatest surprises for 2020 so far! Expereince the album as a whole, dive in their concept, in their fantastic songwriting, in their dark production and welcome yourself “On Human Devolution”.

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