Melodic death metal
Sofia, Bulgaria
“Of The Deepest Shade” (2022)

“From The Colourless Skies”, the latest video by the Bulgarian melodic death metal band Deadscape, has premiered on YouTube!

The visualization was done by Boyan Karamfilov, Georgi Spirov (drone footage) and Desolate Art Studio, starring Kristina Dineva and Hristo Gluharov.

The new video depicts the second part of the story, started with “The Artist” – one about the lost connection between the human and the Nature, representing the main concept behind the band’s debut album “Of The Deepest Shade”, released on January 14th.

“From The Colourless Skies” is a 6-minute epic tale about bearing the consequences of one’s own actions or apathy, and about the harsh realization that we are mere mortals”, comments the band.

Refresh your memory of the first part of the plot below.

“Of The Deepest Shade” is available on all major streaming platforms worldwide, including Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, etc., and also on a CD.

It was recorded in X3M Studio in Sofia, Bulgaria, with engineer Simeon Panov, while mixing and mastering was done by the renowned producer Dan Swanö at Unisound studio, Sweden. Cover artwork by Desolate Art Studio.

Deadscape is a five-piece melodic death metal band, founded in late 2015 and based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Originally a solo project by lead guitarist Ivan Bratoev, it transformed into a band with the arrival of bassist/clean vocalist Alexander Trifonov. The duo then started exchanging experience, polishing what was already composed and working on new material as well, drawing inspiration mainly from the Scandinavian melodic death metal scene and bands such as Insomnium, In Flames, Before The Dawn, Dark Tranquillity. After a couple of years and numerous changes, the current line-up was formed with the coming of full-time drummer Ivan Kolev, harsh vocalist Mirela Kaneva and rhythm guitarist Ani Dimitrova. Meanwhile, the band was officially named Deadscape and started performing actively on the local scene, sharing it with a number of fellow Bulgarian metal acts. In 2020, on August 17th, a fully self-produced 4-song demo EP was released to the public, receiving quite positive feedback from local and international media. In 2021 Deadscape finally finished recording their debut full-length album “Of The Deepest Shade” and hired world-renowned producer Dan Swanö to take care of mixing and mastering. The official release date of the record was set to January 14th, 2022.


Mirela Kaneva – Vocals
Alexander Trifonov – Bass/Vocals
Ivan Bratoev – Guitars
Ani Dimitrova – Guitars
Ivan Kolev – Drums

Deadscape – From The Colourless Skies

Deadscape – The Artist

Deadscape – The Brightest Light

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