Dead Sidewalkers – Ahead

Dead Sidewalkers – Ahead

DEAD SIDEWALKERS debut album “Ahead” (23 Μay 2022, self-release)

Dead Sidewalkers is a fairly newly formed punk band from Athens, Greece, that will release its debut album, “Ahead”, on May 23rd, on Bandcamp.

We are talking about pure punk fun. The “Ahead” is such a refreshing sound, especially for me that I struggle to find something to enjoy in the punk scene. Probably the problem is with me, however, in the Dead Sidewalkers’ debut I found exactly what I was looking for, a street punk sound with speed, rhythmic energy and the essential aggression

In the “Ahead”, the Dead Sidewalkers, drift through the subgenres of the punk spectrum, collecting elements and influences to create a complete and fresh sound.

For me, the thing that hit the nerve and made me absolutely enjoy this record, was the garage punk/rock influences that add that distinct groove that makes you want to move and dance along to the beat of the song.

The Dead Sidewalkers have written a completely straightforward record that offers exactly what it advertises. Pure punk fun, with speed, humor, irony, influences from almost every subgenre of the scene and twisted surf rock ideas in the song “Greenwhite Wolf”, compose one of the most enjoyable and easy-listening records I have heard so far in the 2022.

So, I will repeat it once more, the album comes out on May 23rd, on Bandcamp, and you absolutely do not want to miss this great underground release.

Review by Mr Athens 79

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