Dead End Monday

Dead End Monday

dead end monday

Dead End Monday started with Phil and Rob. Both of whom were fresh out of their previous bands Phased and No Peace.
“We played many shows without a band, just an acoustic duo some of you might have heard of called Tickety Boo. One night we played a show and then a rock band followed us on stage. We both watched and said… God I miss doing that! There’s a nice mellow feeling when playing an acoustic show but nothing can compare to the electricity that’s created when you play in a full rock band”

We both agreed to get back to the rock music and form a new band.
But this time we were going to focus on original music.

We met Jack for a pint after advertising we were after members for the band. We arranged a jam and immediately we knew he was a great fit for the band.

That just left bass…

We knew Scott as the bass player from the previous band Phased.
He had mentioned to us a few times that he had missed playing so he seemed like the obvious choice.
We gave him a call and asked him to come and jam at a rehearsal and again… he instantly fit straight in.

Dead End Monday is a 4 piece rock band with a group of lads that have a huge passion for the art, lots of life experience to dig into for song writing and a brotherhood type bond that reflects in everything we do.
We have so much fun and you will too…

Come to one of our shows and you’ll see…

Rob Humphreys – vocal/guitar
Phil Nicholson – guitar/vocal
Scott Barwell – bass/vocal
Jack Marsden – Drums/vocal

Dead End Monday – Hey!

Dead End Monday – Bands On The Square 2016

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Band location – Barnoldswick England

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