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Days To Come

News about the new Days To Come single ‘Vultures’.

Justin: Lyrically, Vultures is about standing up for yourself and knowing what you believe in and why you believe in it. We live in such a climate where opinions are thrown around as truth and fact, but little research is actually done. We believe things because we’re told to, but we never actually look for ourselves.

I remember sitting on my couch playing around with this chorus and it just clicked. It transfers the emotion of shaking off doubt and moving forward with confidence. It’s anthemic and feels so good to play live.

I hope this song is an encouragement to those doubting themselves, their beliefs, and their choices. Obviously, there is always room for improvement and we should strive to help each other, but just accepting something because someone posted it on social media isn’t a good way to make choices about the world.

Blending pop-styled vocal melodies with heavier, intricate instrumentation, the Georgia based hard rock band Days To Come works tirelessly at taking their brand of positivity as far as it can go. Striving for professionalism & honesty, DTC focuses on solid songwriting & high energy live shows as well as growing & maintaining their fan-base by interacting via social networking.

In July of 2016, DTC released their first EP, Subsist | The Art of Survival (2016). Touring throughout the southeast states over the rest of the year & into 2017 in support of their release, the band continues to put in the work required to advance their career. Partnering with booking agency Blind Anxiety Entertainment, management company Crown Artist Development, & indie label From The Depths Entertainment, DTC stays on the road as much as possible.

The band is currently working on their next record & are excited to continue to develop their sound.

ENDORSEMENTS: Xcel Drumsticks • Curt Mangan Strings • Spectraflex Cables • InTuneGP • Dirtbag Clothing

NOTABLE ACTS OPENED FOR: Skillet • Saliva • Art of Anarchy • Wayland • Bobaflex • Otherwise • Dellacoma • 3 Doors Down • Tetrarch

Justin Goodson – Vocals/Guitar 
Brandon Rix – Guitar
Jalen Hall – Drums

Days To Come – Vultures

Days To Come – Wolves

Days To Come – Siren

Days To Come – Promo 2018

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