Dawn Ahead

Dawn Ahead

The idea for Dawn Ahead was born in 2011. However, it took until the summer of 2013 until the final cast emerged. This consists of Jan Bechtloff (drums), Marcel Martin (guitar), Alfonso “Pocho” Meija (bass), Christian Wilsberg (vocals) and Thomas Wolf (guitar). Due to the different influences of the two songwriters Marcel and Thomas, the unique and distinctive sound was created, which makes Dawn Ahead. Dawn Ahead stands for varied metal, combining the raw old-school Thrash with groovy modern Thrash Metal, adding melodic, progressive and classic heavy metal elements to it all the time.
Since the first release in 2014 in the form of the 5-track EP “Dawn Ahead”, which also shot a self-produced video for the song “Hunter”, there is regularly the opportunity to experience Dawn Ahead Live, including festivals such as “VII. Long Heavy Night “2015 or the” A Chance for Metal “Festival 2017. The new 6-Track EP” A Trip Of Violence “was released on April 14th, 2018. It was about song selection as well as production lot harder to the point, than on the debut release.  
After the long production phase, the band will now revisit intensively with the booking so that Dawn Ahead will play from autumn again regularly live. 

Dawn Ahead – Sinister Thoughts


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