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Presenting a bi-polar mix of raving guitars and heady dance beats splattered with electronica, the Berlin/London-based Das Fluff, deliver unpredictable fury, explicit honesty and dis-arming emotional and musical fearlessness within their work.

 Front woman/writer/producer Dawn Lintern has built a reputation for mesmerising, intimidating and terrifying audiences.  Her voice is her weapon, ranging from angelic sweetness to the shriekings of a she-devil.

 New to the line-up is Stefan ‘Misty’ Missfeld, a guitarist who has been an integral part of the Berlin punk/rock scene since before the Wall came tumbling down. Christian Ruland brings cutting edge creative electronic experimentation to the band’s live sound with ever-evolving combinations of media including theremins, guitar pedals and samplers, along with his distinctive projections.

 Das Fluff have supported post-punk luminaries such as such as Viv Albertine, Lene Lovich, Toyah and Lydia Lunch and headlined gigs around the world since 2010 in the UK, US, Germany and Asia. 

  The new album, ‘Flower With Knife’, is available on vinyl and download only from

The dirty, Post-Punk Electro-Rockers Das Fluff, release ‘Far Gone’ from their third album ‘Flower With Knife’.
“Far Gone,” which takes less than 45 seconds to reach its full-bodied, heart attack restlessness, begins with a synth intro that could’ve derived from a string quartet watching Psycho’     stereoembersm

  The song was inspired by western society’s addiction to its own pain. The beat is compulsive, frenetic and seemingly unstoppable. The pattern cannot be broken. The shrieking synths bring to mind the bloody horror of the shower scene in ‘Psycho’. The lyrics are both an unapologetic cry for help and a dirty confession by someone who can’t help but revel in their own self-inflicted suffering.

Das Fluff – Far Gone

Das Fluff – Nothing

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