“Darma’s music reaches the depth of your being and stays fixed in your consciousness long after the last chords have faded away.” – Roxy Gillespie, Louder Than War

The Manchester-based trio DARMA, Harry Corbett (vocals), Lloyd Whitehead (bass), and Issac Whitehead (drums), give such new meaning to the term garage rock, that simply labeling them that falls so short of the mark, the band themselves have coined the phrase “loudquietheavypop” to more accurately describe their sonic attack.  

A furious blend of grunge and alternative, DARMA’s music is a muscular and catchy blast of feral rock and roll that comes with a dark, melodic stomp. 

Singled out by Louder Than War as one of the most energetic young bands around, DARMA’s live show is a searing and ragged display of rock and roll glory and post-punk swagger. The musical DNA of Manchester is running through this young band’s veins and their crunchy onstage assault ripples with grit and menace.

Supporting the likes of Primal Scream, Dinosaur Pile Up, and fellow Mancunians The 1975 and Ist Ist, DARMA have had a busy 2018, playing shows at Sound City (Liverpool), Tramlines (Sheffield) and the Manchester Apollo for Radio X. 

DARMA signed an artist development deal in 2017 with Sheffield indie label Alya Records (Fizzy Blood, Rival Bones), and are set to release their debut EP Gloom 16-November-2018. Supporting the EP release the band are dropping a new single Procrasturbator with video support out 19-October-2018!

“Manchester’s DARMA are addictive. They lure you in with their gorgeous melodies that seem to tattoo themselves on your brain and then smash at your central nervous system with brutal volume and fuzz.” – Waster Records


Gloom  EP track-listing  

1. Miasma

2. Procrasturbator (lead single)

3. Hey, You 

4. Interlude

5. You’re Always Right

Upcoming Live Dates

19-Oct-2018 – Cafe Totem, Sheffield (Single Release)

17-Nov-2018 – Gullivers NQ, Manchester

DARMA – Procrasturbator

DARMA – Miasma

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