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Dark Sky Park

Dark Sky Park

It’s 3am on Christmas eve 2014 and Ainsley Stones and Debbie Bilson are sat by a rooftop pool in Tenerife with a lute like travel guitar, not looking for Santa but writing songs. Looking over the city they composed “Russian Doll” a lively and melodic rock song. Dark Sky Park was born on that rooftop, whilst looking out over a clear sky to the sound of waves hitting the beach. Of course the wine a 75c a bottle did help a little. The romantic scene soon took a turn for the worse when Debs decided to attempt “That Russian squat dance” and fell arse first into said rooftop pool.
After that, the management got shirty and muttered something about health and safety and made them act like grown-ups. The rest of the album was written in the hotel lobby before going home to Sheffield.
Ains and Debs decided to form a rock band during that holiday. A rock band that utilised all the best bits of their favourite artists. So they started writing songs with the mood and atmosphere of Black Sabbath, the goose pimple inducing sounds of Queens of the Stone Age, the creative and unusual styles of David Bowie. They took a guitarist who’s accomplished playing has received accolades from The international song writers association, The musicians union, Rock Sound Magazine, Guitarist Magazine, PRS magazine to name but a few and coupled it together with a vocalist who’s voice has been likened to Gwen Stefani, Kate Bush, Debbie Harry and Stevie Nicks. 

Dark Sky Park – My Favourite Poison

Dark Sky Park – Russian Doll

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