Damned If I Don’t – Interview

Damned If I Don’t – Interview

Interview with Daniel from Damned If I Don’t andPete Devine of Pete’s Rock News and Views (


PD: Tell us about the origins of Damned If I Don’t.

D: After playing in bands in South Africa for years I emigrated as part of my teaching career. After a long while in Asia, a few years, my inspiration began to build and I started writing music again, even though I didn’t have a band to rely on.


PD: What is it like being an up and coming artist in Hong Kong?

D: Challenging, the rock and English music scenes aren’t big here, there aren’t a lot of venues, but the fans that love rock really love it, so it’s soon time to hit the live circuit.


PD: Who or what are your musical influences?

D: Mainly the huge guitar bands and mainstream rock, punk and metal grew up listening to. I listen to such a wide range of music though, there is good stuff in (almost) every genre. I am influenced by my experiences and relationships with people, for a young man I’ve already lived a long life full to the brim with interesting experiences and encounters – it’s messed up, I’m living a cinematic experience. It’s like my life is a film unfolding before my very eyes.


PD: Tell us about the recording of Self Titled, the good parts and the bad?

D: The good – working at my own pace until I was (again, almost) happy with it.

The bad – doing this in only my spare time, teaching myself how to record everything so that it didn’t actually sound awful.


PD: What plans are there to promote Self Titled?

D: I’m emailing every publication, magazine and radio station I can find. It’s out on all major online platforms. Truthfully though I haven’t exactly found a lot of people willing to help out someone starting a new project, with exceptions like Rock News and Views of course.


PD: You write and perform all the tracks on Self Titled, what would you say is your favourite instrument to play.

D: It depends on my mood! Probably guitar as I’ve been playing that the longest (18 years).


PD: What has been your proudest moment in music?

D: Playing on stage at a music festival to a few thousand people. It’s truly magical and I can’t wait to play live again.


PD: How is 2019 looking for Damned If I Don’t?

D: Busy. Exciting. I’ll be recruiting a live band (no small task), rehearsing for live shows and hopefully finding the time to write the second album and try improve in terms of my songwriting.


PD: What song do you wish you had written and why?

D: That’s an interesting question. I respect songwriters and bands too much to ever claim their art as my own, even hypothetically.


PD: Who is your Rock God?

D: Dave Grohl. Nice guy, funny, down-to-earth and one heck of a musician.


PD: Why should we check out Damned If I Don’t?

D: I do believe the sound is unique due to my singing voice, the songs are easy to listen to and because I’m not going anywhere, Damned If I Don’t is here to stay. My first album most definitely won’t be the best one, wait and see.


PD: Any message to the readers of this post?

D: Don’t only listen to the same old (amazing) bands. This year try to discover at least 5 new, good, artists you like. The music industry needs more of that. Please listen to my album and let me know what you think, it’s the reason I chose teaching as my profession, I’m genuinely interested in people and their views.

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