Do Not Despair will be available to download and stream on the usual platforms including Spotify, Youtube, iTunes and Amazon Music from 5th November 2020. There is plenty more to come so keep your ears peeled and an eye on the socials.

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I have been around the Manchester music scene for a while. I have been in a band for going on 8 years now. Pre Covid I was also doing a lot of work the other side of the stage behind a camera. I am just at the beginning of a new side project D3DWAX which is why I am here.

 I have been doing a lot of recording with my band recently and I have really got into the production side of things. I have been checking out the way Finneas O’Connell works. A very talented guy producing Billie Eilish. Also, Jimmy Lovine’s story is an incredible and inspiring one. If you haven’t seen the defiant ones I highly recommend it.

I hope to turn D3DWAX into a platform that will benefit the bands I work with. It would be great if this can lead to people who follow D3DWAX checking out and supporting the bands I work with.


D3Dwax Remix – Tangina Stone – Whiskey

D3Dwax Remix – Randolph Swain – Inside Your Heart

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