D.ead F.riends F.orever

D.ead F.riends F.orever
‘No Need To Segue’
(Cyber Goth Metal)

Release Date: 31st October 2022
FFO: H.I.M, 69 Eyes, Rasmus
Location: Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

“D.ead F.riends F.orever” are are a bunch of five dead end, fun loving people that went to Wuhan, China back in 2019 (using money they got from selling things on Craigslist) for some China Dolls and came back in body bags (due to eating some exotic soup because of a stupid dare). They miraculously returned to life and decided to form a rock band with the intention of destroying the mainstream music industry, annoy the living daylight out of every Rock/Metal elitists! They love the smell of rotting flesh and embraced the Human/AI Synthesis concept with a vengeance. Their music is a mixture of goth metal with dissonant synthesizers sound, cheesy MIDI Strings section and some seriously bad vocals! They hope to get a recording contract real soon, cut an album, go on tour and then screw every women/men/goats they can find (before they became way too decomposed to do anything). Enjoy the stench!

D.ead F.riends F.orever – A Werewolf’s Blues (Coming Out)

D.ead F.riends F.orever – Them

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