CWM. Three simple letters which took a period of love, hate, pain, joy, confusion and deep homoerotic feelings to come together. What does it mean? Nobody really knows.. except maybe Tom; but the debilitation of brain cells from a life of jager and playing loud pointless music may have flicked that meaning out of existence.

Where did it all begin? Back in the merry innocence of their youth, Tom and Miles were frustrated with their existence. Sure they had each other, but they both felt that life could give them so much more. Unable to figure out how to relieve themselves of this frustration in a normal, healthy manner; they resorted to playing drums and bass in the blind hope that the loud music would annoy someone important enough to impact their lives. Fortunately, school provided an essential hotspot of frustrated youths also looking to join in for their own sick reasons. Soon a band was formed with no name and no clue how they had ended up on a bright lit stage, exposed completely to the world as what they were. A couple of gigs came and went in a shambles and the band quickly emptied as the members realised they weren’t emotionally prepared for the inevitable abuse and ridicule they would experience, if they were to continue.

Years passes as the unnamed band continued to cycle through members, quickly becoming disillusioned by the pointless nature of their task and unable to face becoming revealed to the public eye once again. Meanwhile, Miles and Tom were having to resolve their issues in other ways. Tom had images plastered all over his body which illustrated how he was feeling, giving him a visual map to work out what was going on. Miles simply tried to run away, going to study the ancient world at university in an attempt to discover if the Romans felt the same way as him. Desperate, Tom left to get help and when he came back he was able to seduce Miles into committing to another band before he left with a new guitarist. Miles was instantly in, unsure how enlightening the Romans would really be to him. The band quickly went out to celebrate their beginning and in the dark depths of the Sheffield night-life discovered a new love.

No-one really knows why or how it happened, but John woke up the next day as a member of ‘Epic Holiday’. He was confused and shocked at what he had done the night before, instantly regretting his decision. To ensure he didn’t leave, the band threatened to release the details of what John had done overnight onto the internet: he was beaten. The band was formed and though Miles still attempted enlightenment among the Romans in Leicester, it continued.

Disaster didn’t strike until a year later when everyone in the band decided to make a move on Tom (including Tom) at once. Feelings were hurt and the band quickly disintegrated. Miles came back for Christmas frustrated and with no salvation to be found among ancient civilisations, needing a band again. He quickly went to John to remind him of the blackmail he still held over him and together they were able to put their attraction for Tom aside and bear to be in the same band as him again. Unwilling to face a challenge so soon after disaster they formed a Blink-182 cover band called the Mark, Tom and Travis Hour. Pretending to be someone else allowed them to play live without revealing their true despicable selves and they were able to complete a string of shows.

Though this was going well John started to feel the pressure of playing another band’s songs, becoming obsessed with aliens and lengthy intros. Eventually, Tom and Miles decided enough was enough and the band needed to focus on original material, for this they needed another guitarist. The search was long and hard, by the end Miles had moved back to Sheffield to keep an eye on John as his obsessions grew and he started to make documentaries on space. The band’s personalities struggled to hold anyone in the band for long until they found someone as twisted as them.

John came across Rob among the convoluted desk-space of customer support. Instantly recognizing a man worn down by the ringing phones that surrounded him John suspected a potential target for the band. With some consistent bribery of chips Rob soon became a regular attendee at practice and before he knew it he was the lead guitarist.

As a veteran of several bands Rob was seriously jaded and came to quickly tolerate the twisted personalities around him. Soon, he no longer needed to be given chips to turn up and the band had begun. It was several months before everyone realised that the band required a name. Feelings of vengeance for the blackmail he had been a victim of motivated John to push the name he knew Miles would hate, ‘CWM’. John’s eloquence soon had the rest of the band in on the joke and Miles was cornered. What John didn’t expect was that the masochistic nature of Miles would lead him to love being forced into a name he hated and he soon became the most avid supporter of the name CWM. The name stuck, even though it’s true meaning remained a mystery and the band CWM had unwittingly entered the world..

CWM – Homely Streets

CWM – Icebreaker

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