CuriousHour – She Lies

CuriousHour – She Lies

CuriousHour, the soulful noise explorers from London, released their debut EP, Explore in July 2017. This brilliant EP only came to my attention in May of 2018. I may have been a little late to the party, but I am so glad that I took up the invite.

2020 brings us the latest music from the London based quartet and boy was it worth the wait. Released on 27th February ‘She Lies’ is no let down in regards to the classic CuriousHour  formula of excellent writing, superb playing and stunning vocals. In fact I would say that the band has developed a more mature sound. ‘She Lies’ wets the appetite for more and the great news is that more is coming.

CuriousHour can boast one of the most exciting and soulful vocalists to come out of the UK in decades. Emily Grazebrook is that good. Her ability to instantly seduce the listener is astounding. On first listen of ‘She Lies’ I was hooked, so much so that there soon became a second listen and then a third…you get the picture.

But it’s not just the perfect vocals of Emily that make CuriousHour special, the whole band have that magic chemistry that draws you in and keeps you listening. They are all masters of their crafts and as far as the songwriting is concerned, they nail it, they totally nail it.

2020 looks like being a great year for CuriousHour

Watch the Official Music Video for She Lies single released 27th Feb 2020 LABEL: SELF RELEASED VIDEO PRODUCTION BY NOVOSAD

CuriousHour – She Lies

Emily Grazebrook (Vocals)
Andy Grazebrook (Guitar)
Aaron “Bison” Lafayette (Bass)
Louis Ricard (Drums)

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