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‘Doorkicker03’ [Music Video]

Doorkicker03′ is a track taken from the second album ‘Tales of the Sacrosanct Man’ by Cult of Scarecrow. Released worldwide via Wormholedeath Records and Aural Music on Sept 10th 2021.

‘Doorkicker03′  is an indictment of senseless violence and the culture that glorifies the possession of firearms’

‘Tales of the Sacrosanct Man’

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More than 20 years after they broke up, the members of Die Sinner Die got back together in 2017. The old songs were quickly back in their hands, but their industrial metal turned out not to have withstood the test of time very well. New songs were written. The band members, now more than 20 years older, naturally started to walk a quieter path. Under the influence of various musical styles that each of the musicians had brought, a kind of grunge infused doom metal arose. A number of experienced musicians were brought in to enhance the whole even more : the keyboard was introduced and gave the whole a more epic touch. The second song the band wrote was entitled ‘The Cult of Scarecrow’, actually a metaphor for a religion for which only money counts and is therefore worshipped.

In November 2018 the self-titled debut EP was released, containing 4 songs, together good for more than 30 minutes of music. Nothing was left to chance for the production : it was recorded and mixed in the Oceanside Studios (including Diablo Blvd, Spoil Engine, Hexa Mera, King Hiss, …) by Ace Zec, and the mastering was done by Carsten Bucher (worked including Napalm Death and Agnostic Front) at the Track1 Studios in Bremen. This debut EP was very well received everywhere. Especially the ‘atmosphere’ on the record and the strong song structure are very much appreciated.

Shortly after the album’s release, drummer Schram left the group and was replaced by Nico Regelbrugge. With Nico there, a number of performances were completed in the Belgian underground circuit. Meanwhile, new material was also written, always evolving and more accessible than the first songs.

Corona canceled almost all performances in 2020 (including the Alcatraz Bash for which the group was selected, for a place at the big Alcatraz festival). Rehearsals and songwriting were forced to be shelved. And eventually keyboard player Eddy Scheire decided to call it quits. He was soon replaced by Robbie Eelbode.

After the Covid smoke cleared, the band got back on track. At the end of 2020, Cult of Scarecrow will go back into the studio to record their first full album, entitled ‘Tales of the Sacrosanct Man’. Also this time Ace Zec will take over the production. Artwork is by Threadbare Artwork. The release is planned for spring 2021.

Filip De Wilde : Lead Vocals
Jan Van Der Poorten : Guitars
Ivan De Strooper : Guitars
Gunther ‘Gunny’ Poppe : Bass & Backing Vocals
Nico Regelbrugge : Drums & Backing Vocals
Robbie Eelbode : Keyboards

Cult of Scarecrow – Doorkicker03′

Cult of Scarecrow – Adrift and Astray

Cult of Scarecrow – Last Words From Black Birds

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