Crow Jane

crow jane

CROW JANE has been active since April 2014, and have recently finished recording our 1st EP, completed in collaboration with Mr. Stuart Epps (, a team with each member having tours, hundreds of hours of session work, and #1 singles in their individual resumes.

The musicianship in CROW JANE is without a doubt second to none (according to a Planet Mondo review “classic Les Paul based riffery – patrolling the borders between the Pistols, Led Zeppelin, & Jeff Beck”…) with top notch songwriting, correct understanding and use of dynamics (both on record & live) and coupled with real showmanship and live appeal it all makes for a solid, professional and overall extremely competitive package plus, as one can gather from our web site and sound clips, the band is very much steeped in that classic late 60’s/early 70’s Rock tradition, the kind of tradition which (in the 60’s & all throughout the 70’s) played a vital role in contributing to help certain… historical British bands to “win the West” so to speak(!) with few added elements which help bringing the whole package up to date without loosing the all important link to its roots (British, London based, with a deep, sincere love appreciation & respect of American music…etc. etc.).

A lot of people seem to have been waiting for this kind of band for a while…we’ve been told. We are in the process of building a solid infrastructure here in the UK however we also very much, if not more, concerned about doing so States-side, which in reality is where, again, all the people we have talked to so far reckon the band will definitely appeal most; a fact of which we are perfectly aware.

Crow Jane – One Day Late, One Dollar Shy – live @ the O2 Academy

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