Get ready to know the pond and learn the path. Together, we may share the answer through punk concepts of time and mind.

 Our seventh record, Notre-Dame De La Vie Intérieure, is the road that leads to the pond. Set for release on May 3 via Pantoum Records.

 “Festival,” the album’s first single, is about the lack of crazy, tubular, noisy music in Quebec’s popular festival circuit. Then comes the day when you see a Klo Pelgag show on psychedelics, sitting alone in a muddy field under the pouring rain.

Notre-Dame De La Vie Intérieure tracklist

  1. Ma Réconciliation
  2. Âge High
  3. Le Monde Entier
  4. J’ai Créé, J’ai Crié
  5. Place Forte
  6. Notre-Dame De La Vie Intérieure
  7. Livre Compliqué
  8. Dans Mon Fanzine
  9. Festival
  10. On Dirait À Jamais
  11. L’étang

CRABE – Festival

CRABE – Livre complique

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