Corpulent Provocateur

Corpulent Provocateur

It’s here. Third single. T E S T.
It’s happening again, we’re living again, we’re nervous again to the attic of the rehearsal room from which we’re giving you this message.

This thing we serve you again over all kinds of streaming services is by far the most straightforward of everything we recorded near that Big Ben. At the same time, however, in its two and a half minutes shortness, it will make a twist, which was signed by the collaboration with producers Ville Leppanen and Craig Smith, for which THANK YOU VERY MUCH, boys!! ❤️

We can’t play anywhere, we can’t sing, but what.. we won’t shit ourselves. We keep working on it, making clips, releasing singles, inventing new songs, recording demos and mainly rehearsing. Still, yeah. Every week. Although apparently there is no reason why. But we believe that music simply cannot be stopped or turned off and that it will find its way. Maybe at least through the virtual world, since the live playing time died.

On 13.3.2020, the Czech band Corpulent Provocateur released its second single, Brown (direct download MP3 | WAV).
which was recorded at The Animal Farm Music studios in London. The song was released together with a new music video. After the success of their first single “Call Girl” (also recorded at The Animal Farm, whose music video has achieved tens of thousands of views on YouTube in a very short time, was played on thirty-five radio stations around the world and got to the top of the charts), Corpulent Provocateur continues to rock with a rhythmic song that reflects on the problems associated with alcohol addiction.

Outside Influence on the New Material

Last spring, the band took advantage of an invitation from Finnish producer and owner of The Animal Farm Music label, Ville Leppanen, and went to London. The main reason was to try a different approach to recording and get a new sound to complement their music. This attempt was successful and four songs were recorded, and it’s clear the band has taken a big step forward. An integral part of the process was the collaboration with Leppanen, who helped the band in the song-writing process over the two months prior to their trip to London.

The band also had help from sound engineer and co-producer Craig Smith, who worked with the band throughout the recording session. His experience, good ear and incredible work ethic (staying late each day and working on the material till the early morning hours) brought the songs to life.

Final Touches from the Famous Hafod Mastering in Wales

Thanks to Leppanen’s contacts, the final masters were made near Cardiff, Wales at Hafod Mastering (The Kooks,Euros Childs, etc.)

One Clip, One Shot

The first music video (for “Call Girl”), which the band released in October 2019, was filmed in one shot. Given the success, the band decided to do it again—but with a twist. For the second music video, everything isn’t what it seems. The video was made using motion control technology, which, combined with some clever post-production, gives the viewer the impression that it is one very long shot. However, as the music video unfolds, the viewers gradually realize that their eyes are playing tricks on them.

“Test and Loss”, the band’s forthcoming album, will be self-released in the final quarter of 2020.



Corpulent Provocateur are an alt/rock trio whose raw and explosive grunge, peppered with rapid fire funk rhythms and trippy psychedelic elements, is as heavy and angsty as it is colourful and melodic.

The band formed in 2014 in Pardubice which is situated in the heart of Czech Republic, one hour form Prague, as an instrumental jam band, improvising long musical freak outs based on their influences: Nirvana, Soundgarden, Audioslave, RATM. Taking their name from Corpulent Cowboy, the clothing store selling outfits to fat cowboys in Simpsons, the band soon started writing original material and went in a local studio to record their first album, titled Nein. Self-released in May 2017 on all digital platforms as well as a limited edition radio cassette version, Nein was a true DIY punk effort, allowing the band to hit the touring circuit in Central Europe.

In early 2019 Josef, Jiri and Tomas flew to London to record tracks at The Animal Farm studios, intent on capturing their live energy and sprinkling magic dust on their new material. Singles Brown, Call Girl, Loss and Test are set to be released on The Animal Farm label throughout the rest of the year. The band will tour Europe in support of the releases.

Corpulent Provocateur are an innovative three piece willing to raise the bar with technically demanding rock music that comes with a fresh, irreverent sense of music 

Corpulent Provocateur – Test

Corpulent Provocateur – Brown

Corpulent Provocateur – Call Girl

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