Conscript have just dropped their debut EP, Celestial Mechanics on December 15th 2016 – three slabs of Northamptonshire’s strongest homebrewed melodic death metal. A tremolo picking, riff-laden symphony carefully distilled with soaring lead lines and breakdowns to rival
the greats.

“Been a long time waiting for the release but it was worth the wait – Conscript are pretty much a modern day Heaven Shall Burn” – Invicta Magazine

“Each track blazes with fury, blast beats and jagged riffs abound but the melodic groove is always infectious. And that would have been enough to illicit hours spent with this on repeat but the symphonic aspect creates a monstrous effect, making these three short tracks open up and come to life. Needless to say this EP made an instant impression” – Nine Circles

Celestial Mechanics is available on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, Google Play, Amazon Music, pretty much any digital platform right now. 
Joey – Vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards and drum programming 


Conscript – Celestial Mechanics

Conscript – Celestial Mechanics (Full EP stream)

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