Confused By Zebras

Confused By Zebras

Confused By Zebras of BelAir MD plays mostly original music and a few select covers.  Marc Franz, formerly of The Slip, In The Red and The Monkey Boys, has been writing his original music for many years now just looking for the right group to help develop and play it. Marc is the writer, singer, and guitarist of Confused By Zebras and a lifelong music artist who largely abandoned public performing in the 90s to raise two sons and hold down a family life, but playing and writing continued, often late at night while everyone slept. Meeting seasoned bassist, Allen Jones in 2010 brought in an original artist with a long pedigree of performance and recording skills (the entire CBZ catalog was recorded in Allen’s own RockHaven Records studio) who gave Marc a solid footing (in many ways) to realize the potential of his original compositions. His bass lines are potent, elegant and artful. Three different drummers grace the recordings, but the drum chair is once again occupied by Marc’s lifelong sidekick, Dave Lockhoff. 
The performance philosophy of Confused By Zebras still boils down to the same formula Marc has used from the days of the early bands of his 20’s and 30’s: Songs are an excuse to jam. Of course, there are riffs and notes to be duplicated, but it is not by rote recital. Every performance must be visceral, spirited and delivered with urgency. The aim is to reach into the inner human workings of the audience, to provoke their minds with imagery and seduce their senses with sound, and to trip off the light fantastic that makes heads swim and minds dream. That sound is invariably delivered with a three-piece band and a well broken in Fender Stratocaster, a traditional tube amplifier and minimal effects with a strong nod to the great guitar bands of the Woodstock era; bands that were based on pop sensibilities married to a rocking bluesy guitar with psychedelic overtones and harmonized voices with lyrics that provoke thoughts of living fully human and alive. Listen to these songs and be transported.

Confused By Zebras – I Can Fly

Confused By Zebras – In The Rain

Confused By Zebras – The Girl That Can’t Say No

Confused By Zebras – Mobtown

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