“If they are unable to understand us bringing them mathematically unerring happiness, then our duty is to force them to be happy.” – Yevgeniy Zamyatin

How many steps away are we now? How many tiny increments from surrendering our creative thoughts, our rebellion, our freedom? The face of our leaders has become our own face, reflected back at us from riot shields and visors, as acid tainted rain drips from brandished batons, pooling around the forgotten bodies of those who no longer matter, who no longer serve the machine. The blue flashing lights illuminate our nights while we lie at peace, our decisions and our dreams handed over to those who know better. We will realise too late that our failures, our tears and our heartaches were precious too. How many steps away are we now?

“It’s the basic condition of life to be required to violate our own identity.” – Phillip K. Dick

Some albums are more than just a collection of songs. Some bands strive to deliver more than simple listening pleasure; they are driven by overarching ambition and insatiable creativity to carve out something monumental, something of awe-inspiring scope, of meaning and lasting value. And some bands succeed… Russia’s Conflict have always set high standards but with their fourth album, Decision Code they have surpassed them all. This masterful concept album of a dystopian future is a breathtaking achievement, a veritable novel unfolding alongside the stunning futuristic, industrialised death metal sounds. The atmosphere is overwhelming and all consuming, the collision between man and machine, technology and soul utterly compelling. Driven by cold steel riffs, mechanistic rhythms and the wildly versatile vocals of Ana ‘Hel’ Milyanenko, then painted in a rich gloss of textures, these visionary songs are brought to dynamic life. Featuring some very special guest appearances from Burton C. Bell (Fear Factory), Dave Lowmiller (A Dark Halo), Karsten ‘Jagger’ Jager (Disbelief), Alex Blake (Deadheaven) and Jayce Lewis, Decision Code will leave you shaken, stirred and utterly alive! For a further graphic glimpse through a shattered window onto the future world of Decision Code, make sure to view the astonishing video for the track ‘To Serve And Protect’. 

“Maybe I’ll go where I can see stars…” – Phillip K. Dick

Entirely self-financed, Decision Code is presented in a lavish ten panel digi-pack with slipcase and a substantial 32 page booklet that tells its visionary tale alongside Anna’s brilliant lyrics. Remarkable in every aspect, Decision Code is an album that deserves, needs, to be heard. While you can still choose what you listen to, heed this call to awake and arise as it echoes through the years from a dark and broken future.

Anna ‘Hel’ Milyanenko – Vocals
Aleksey Kurpyakov – Bass
Rodion Skityayev – Guitar
Mikhail Conflictov – Drums

Conflict – To Serve And Protect

Conflict – Decision Code

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