Columbia – Interview

Here’s the interview that we did with Columbia after their impressive set at SWNDFest held in The Bunkhouse Swansea

PD: How would you describe yourself as a band?

C: We’re a band that attempt to fuse all traditional influences and try to make our own unique brand of rock n roll. It’s melodic yet thunderous at times too, with plenty of heart and soul. We mean what we say and say what we mean.


PD: Who are your musical influences, what inspired you to take up music?

C: Well being a teenager in the 90s and loving guitar music’ it was predominantly Oasis. Ben and I have recently been to watch Liam Gallagher at Knebworth. That fire and aggression is still there and still inspires today. However, I also loved The Verve, early-Stereophonics, Embrace, Ocean Colour Scene. Later, it was Kasabian and The Enemy. Basically anything that had energy and power, but also heart.


PD: What is your favourite song to perform live?

C: This changes from gig to gig. With our debut album finally coming out earlier this year (March), we’ve been focusing heavily on those tracks. But we have lots of unreleased/recorded tracks that are absolute bangers too. But the favourite one at the minute is a brand new song called Disorder. It will be our next single and it’s an absolute monster!


PD: What has been your proudest moment in music?

C: Probably the first time we heard our music played on the radio. We have a big supporter of the band, Mark Speller, who has his own music blog/channel (ThisIsTheMusic) and does a weekly show on AwayDay Radio. He played our single Keys to the Kingdom last year. That was just an incredible feeling. That was closely followed by finally releasing our debut album Embrace the Chaos in March. That album was a long time in the making and we were just so proud to finally get that out. It’s had an amazing response and great reviews.


PD: What would you say is the most important thing that you have learned from your career so far, any advice for up-and-coming musicians out there?

C: Do it for the love of what you do and for the music you want to make. Hopefully people will like what you do, but it’s more important to stay true to yourselves. If you can do that then you’re on the right road.


PD: You’ve recently released your debut album, Embrace The Chaos can you shine some light on the recording of the album and what has the response to it been like?

C: The recording of the album took place during Covid. So the album was recorded in two parts. So the first part was recorded during the first lockdown reprieve and then 10 months later we recorded the second part. So if you listen to the music you can can tell there’s a difference between the first session and the second session. In the first session we did Ticking Bomb, Waiting For You To Believe, Meet Me At Dawn and Something More. So the songs are a bit more direct rock ‘n’ roll, whereas the other songs on the album, with the way we experimented and pushed ourselves as a band, are a little bit different. Songs like Keys to the Kingdom, and Love Burns are definitely songs that going into the studio we weren’t expecting to record. We did a lot of experimenting and creating in the studio with our amazing producer (Sanders at Kings Road Studios, Cardiff). I think we ended up with a really balanced record with plenty of different sounds. That has something for everyone.

– The response has been amazing. So many good reviews and positive feedback. And most importantly, people seem to love the music live, which obviously the most important thing.


PD: And what about the singles, who chooses what goes out and when?

C: I’d say the singles pick themselves. They’ve tended to be the band’s favourite songs to play live. I’ve seen each single and shown a different aspect and different sound of the band from our first single Fall into the Sun, which is the opening track on the album and it’s just a balls out raw rock ‘n’ roll song. Then you’ve got the single Waiting For You To Believe, which is bit bit more of an acoustic driven song with an unbelievable solo from Ben, that sounds like it could be coming from from a Keith Richards guitar. and then you’ve got the more trippy and more experimental Keys to the kingdom. We’ve also got a single called Living Life. I recorded this myself and it’s an acoustic song. It’s something completely different from anything else we’ve released. And it’s the only song that didn’t make it onto the album. we’ve done that purposely because you know I think when you look back at Oasis in the 90s they had b-sides that were better than most album tracks. I think it shows a bit more depth to the band and shows that we’re not just about rock n roll. We have heart and soul.  That’s important for us to show as a band.


PD: Have you got any gigs planned for the future, where can people see you live?

C: Our next gig will be Friday 22 July at The Moon, Cardiff. We’re headlining that night with support from Wet Paint Ltd and Pacifica. So get down and watch us do what we do best.


PD: Are there any bands that you are looking forward to sharing the bill with?

C: We were really excited to see The Velvet Starlings and they didn’t disappoint. Great energy, great stage presence and great songs! The Now are a great band too. But there was so much talent on that bill that the £10 ticket price was absolute steal!


PD: Will you be playing any new tracks tonight?

C: We debuted our brand new song Disorder for the SWNDFEST gig. It’s a song that we’re really excited about. It’s got a completely different feel from the debut album tracks. It’s a lot darker and is the first song that our lead guitarist has written in about 20 years!!! It’s an absolute monster and will be our next single later in the year.


PD: How is the rest of 2022 looking for you?

C: We’ve hopefully got a busy 2nd part of the year. We play our first ShiineOn event in November, as well as gigs with ThisFeeling and supporting the Holy Coves. As well as that, Ben and I are heading into the studio to start work on some new songs for album #2. And we’ve also got some exciting plans to record a Christmas EP! I’m really excited about that! So plenty of music in the works and plenty of gigs to keep the momentum building.


PD: Many thanks for chatting with us today. Before you go, can you tell us where people can learn more about you and buy your music/merch from?

C: All our links to our music and social media can be found in our instagram bio, so search for us @colu.mbia! See you at a gig sometime soon!

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