Coen Rhys

Coen Rhys

Coen Rhys is a positive over-thinker, who has written and played music from an early age – for over 20 years!

An indie, alternative and experimental singer songwriting artist from Scotland, Coen has finally decided to share his music demos with a wider audience, while also getting creative with artwork and lyric videos.

Coen Rhys has recently released his first 9 track EP: “From There is Where you Become”, which is available on all major streaming platforms:

Here are some words from Coen on the key tracks from his Debut (Demo) EP, and what was going on in his head as he wrote them:

Let the Light Shine

For me this track is  suggesting a “chin up, jog on” mindset. I am a strong believer “doing it wrong before you do it right”. if we dwell on the past, the past has a tendency to bite you on the behind. With all the chaos in the world, and regardless of how aware you may feel you are of this chaos, I say “think positively and positive things will happen.

Lets Worry About the Now

A recurring theme but explained through a more sombre perspective. Negativity often creates distractions which we blame later… this track is crying out for us to: not worry because of fear but because you care, have fun- live for the moment and let it be.

Eighth Day

A track about finding time for things you want to find time for, and doing things for you. Appreciate yourself before loving anyone else. We all have stories, it’s what you do with them that matters – don’t be a victim, turn that frown upside down.

Try to Try 

Ironically this track is about NOT doing the things you “try” to do – just do them, not to try, just to do… For example –  don’t try to care, just care, don’t try to love, just love.

Forgive War, Praise Peace

 This song is all about exploring trust. Trust who you trust, and when you love, love unconditionally. Don’t waste time on things that don’t matter, don’t do things because you feel like you should – categories and ideas don’t form who we are.

See below for some lyric videos from Coen Rhys:


Coen Rhys – Try to Try

Coen Rhys – Forgive War, Praise Peace

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