Brazilian-Portuguese hard n’ heavy band COASTWISE releases single and music video “Waking Nightmare”

The fire of Hard Rock burns strong in our chests, and now, it will also be in your mind with Coastwise. With its single “Waking Nightmare”, from its upcoming debut album “Hard Rock Is Back”, they are lighting the way for a new generation of Hard Rock enthusiasts. It is impossible to listen and not get hooked!

Coastwise is:
Arthur Melchior Pagliarini – vocals
Histem Jr – guitar
Breno Carlini – drums
Aivan Sousa – bass
Waking Nightmare
For a new generation of rock enthusiasts

Coastwise was formed with the intent of introducing hard rock to a whole new generation of potential fans, people who would otherwise not come into contact with this music style. After a very successful release of its EP ‘War Machine’, the band hits the ground running with its single “Waking Nightmare”.

This song was created to be as heavy as possible without alienating new listeners. Rock and metal fans alike know how difficult it is to bring new people into the fold, as modern heavy music can be somewhat of a barrier to newcomers, with its power and intensity. With this in mind, the band decided to try and find the middle ground, the point right before it becomes ‘too much’ for the rookies. The result is “Waking Nightmare”, the first single of their upcoming debut album ‘Hard Rock Is Back’.

That is not to say it doesn’t have all that veterans love about the style. Powerful solo? Check. Strong riff? Check. Great vocals? Check. A nightmare with an eerie woman that follows you into the real world? Check check check. All the elements that make up the music we all love, and much more. And, of course, a cool music video produced by the band itself, which you can check out here .

Release dates
“Waking Nightmare” (Single) – May 23rd, 2023
“Gimme What You’ve Got” (Single) – June 06th, 2023
“Hard Rock Is Back” (LP) – July 5th, 2023

The music world is experiencing a rock revival with fronts manifold. On the one hand, bands like Greta Van Fleet, Måneskin, Thundermother, The Dead Daisies and Dirty Honey are infusing the more traditional rock and hard rock with much needed vigor and energy. On the other hand, groups such as Enforcer, Visigoth, Bomber and Hitten, among many others, have been reintroducing the best of traditional heavy metal into the 2010s and 2020s music scene. But where exactly do these two sides meet?

The answer is Coastwise.

With one foot square in hard rock and another directly in heavy metal, Coastwise blends the two into the perfect blend of Hard n’ Heavy. It has everything one could possibly want from the two styles: unforgettable riffs, soaring vocals, groovy basslines, catchy choruses to sing along, tight and bullet-like drums, killer solos, memorable power ballads, and so on… If you can think of it, you can find it in Coastwise.

After releasing their first EP ‘War Machine’ in 2022 to excellent reviews and reception, Coastwise is getting ready to launch their debut album “Hard Rock Is Back” on July 5th, recorded and produced by Makoto Yagyu. Their goal is to introduce a new generation of music lovers to what they call ‘the flame of hard rock’. The first single, “Waking Nightmare”, is the perfect gateway into the band’s arsenal, and will be released on May 23rd. It joins the two sides of the band into the best way to please newcomers and veterans alike. The second single, “Gimme What You’ve Got”, will bring out the band’s more groovy side, with a nice swing and a strong bassline to boot. It is scheduled for release on June 23rd.

The full-length album will come out on July 5th, of course. You will be able to check it out on every streaming service available. While you wait, why not check out the title-track of the EP “War Machine” here?

Coastwise – Waking Nightmare

Coastwise – War Machine

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