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Hot on the heels of releasing their EP, the sparkling and emotive ‘The World Doesn’t Work’, Coast To Coast have today unveiled an acoustic video playlist. Available to view here, the 3-track session was hosted by their label Fox Records, with vocalist Kieran Hyland saying: “We had a lot of fun recording the acoustic tracks, we wanted to show a different side to our band and we were really happy with how these tracks came out. I think they show that we are not just a one-dimensional band.” 2 of the songs performed are recent singles from their extended player, which can be found on BandcampSpotify, and most digital platforms, alongside on vinyl and CD here.  Hyland says of this, their third release: “I came up with the title once we had finished writing. The statement can be applied to each song and is a common theme throughout. The world doesn’t work is the result of my coming to terms with the emotions and feelings I’ve experienced in the last couple of years. I’ve learned a lot about how I, myself and my mind work and also simply, how the world doesn’t work.” 
Completed by Josh Taylor on Rhythm Guitar, Zak Taylor on Bass and Jake Oseland on Drums, Coast To Coast released their debut ‘Dwell’ in 2016. Following the addition of Zak and Jake later that year, the band consider that that is when Coast To Coast really came into existence. 2017 sophomore EP ‘The Length Of A Smile’ saw the pop-rockers sonically getting into their stride, then solidifying their ambition of “always looking forward to trying out new things musically and playing our hearts out on tour.” Josh reveals: “We’ve grown with our music tastes. When we did (debut EP) Dwell we were all pretty young and listened to many of the same bands. As we’ve gotten older our tastes have matured, we all listen to a lot of different bands now, so our music feels like more of a mix and something new.”
Sticking with their tried and true formula of recording with trusted producer Ian Sadler at Emeline Studios, with mastering put in the capable hands of Grant Berry at Fader, the band took their demos and knocked them into shape, declaring: “This is the strongest stuff we have made. We’ve transitioned well into a more mature sound and found our own style within that.” Revealing that much of the lyrical content is drawn from his relationship with his Father, including quoting comments he has made, Keiran also shares a surprising source of influence: “I wanted to write more subjective lyrics as I’ve always admired bands such as Oasis who are able to write them in a way which means they are interpreted differently depending on who is listening.” The result is a smart, impassioned and incisive 6 tracks of swaggering English rock, in the vein of Lower Than Atlantis, Fatherson, and Deaf Havana. The band conclude: “Whilst our last record saw us finding our feet, ‘The World Doesn’t Work’ is that sound but more refined and polished.”
Coast To Coast Released ‘The World Doesn’t Work’ Via Fox Records On 26/10/18. Get It:

Coast to Coast – The Sun is Dim

Coast to Coast – Be Kind

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