Imagine Nickelback or Halestorm meeting Superman and Batman and says : That would be cool to play all together ? I tested it for you, It is Cloudfalls in concert : A powerful voice, straight in the ass guitars and melodies that stick to your mind !
Seing those super heroes guys on stage, makes me feel their joy and hapiness to play and share their music. It was a blast, a kick ass alternativ rock so efficient.
Cloudfalls it’s a rock music with a little bit of metal, inspired by DC comics and Marvel univers. 2 albums are already out « Start over » in 2016 and Ravens don’t fall in 2018
A third very powerful new album is coming in 2020 with also another orchestral version album.
Embrace that energy given by those for super heroes : Super Theo and his cryptonian vocals, Iron Raph and it’s steel guitar, Captain Alex and is indestructible drums, Punnish Meumeu and his raging bass guitar.

Cloudfalls – Shooting stars

Cloudfalls – Angel don’t fight

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Band/Artist location – Lyon France
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